The cental atom in each of these molecules is C, N and O respectivly, of this both N and O are members that the household of three atoms that can kind hydrogen link (also incluidng F), when straight bonded to hydrogen. Due to this the the strongest intermolecular forces in between NH3 and H2O room hydrogen bonds. C is no electronegative enough to form hydrogen bonds, due to it having actually a larger atomic radius 보다 both N and O. Likewise CH4 molecule cannot have actually permenant dipole-dipole attractions because each of the species bonded to the carbon is identical and CH4 has actually a tetrahedral shape. Thus the the strongest intermolecular forces in between CH4 molecules are Van der Waals forces.

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Hydrogen bond space stronger than Van der Waals forces as such both NH3 and H2O will have higher boiling points than CH4. O has a smaller atomic radius 보다 N, together O has actually a an ext positive nucleus, but the valance electron in both N and also O room in the same princible energy level (2p). As a an outbarisalcity.orgme of this O is an ext electronegative so has actually a greater capability to attract electrons in a barisalcity.orgvalent bond, bebarisalcity.orgming more δ- 보다 N, leave the surrounding hydrogen atoms more available to type hydrogen bonds, therefore H2O has actually the highest possible boiling point.


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Calculate the mass in grams of steel (III) Chloride in a equipment of 500 cm^3 which has actually a barisalcity.orgncentration that 0.200 mol/dm^3
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