Valenciais the capital of theautonomous communityofValenciaand thethird-largest cityin Spain afterMadridandBarcelona, with about 800,000 occupants in the bureaucratic centre. Its city area extends past the administrative city limits with a populace of around 1.6million people. Valencia is Spain’sthird largest metropolitan area, through a populace ranging indigenous 1.7 to 2.5milliondepending on exactly how the metropolitan area is defined. ThePort of Valenciais the5th busiest container harbor in Europeand the busiest container port on theMediterranean Sea. The city is ranked in ~ Beta-global cityin theGlobalization and World Cities study Network.

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790 201 occupants



Green cities Forum: proceeding inclusive transitions

When talking about Climate Neutrality, the cities of morning speak the exact same language

For a whole week, Brașov held the green Cities Forum, to present its commitment come a carbon-free future The green Cities Forum welcomed an international <…>


Making ar energy a reality in your city

Our teamwork labs bring cities and citizens together

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Valencia aiming because that 100 energy areas by 2030

Interview with Carmen Castells and Fernando Gonzalez

Until now, Valencia with its 800.000 occupants may be more known for its gentle climate and also lovely beaches than for its extremely collaborative and also forward-looking energy policy. In component 2 of our ECF cooperation lab series, we dive right into Valencia’s impressive initiatives to involve the local neighborhood in energy and also climate matters.

A brand-new cycling ring to transform mobility in València

Encouraging cycling as a real alternative for a safe and comfortable method of transport

The project brings services in many areas, such as contamination reduction, noise reduction and far better conditions because that cycling and walking in the city. That is indeed a job-related of general interest.