"Some advice" or "some advices" together in "I gained some advice / advices because that you"? So, i m sorry is correct?

In Oxford Learner"s Dictionaries, "advice" is uncountable noun, so "Some advice" is the correct one.

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However, googling "some advices" returns 400K results and in fact countless formal barisalcity.org articles / news use "some advices" as in this short article on Yahoo News: "Real civilization 101: What Every Graduate must Know".

Although graduating from college is a good accomplishment which have to be recognized, that is no the end. In fact, it is just the start of a totally brand-new phase in life i beg your pardon the graduates are unfamiliar with. Below room some advices because that the new graduates that are not assumed in schools.

So, ns think "some advices" might be welcomed as an alternative to "some advice" despite it is not 100% accurate.

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As noted, advice is uncountable so it takes no many form. In the following extract indigenous "Oxford dictionaries", however, lock hint at a legal/business intake of advice as a countable noun.

Taking and also giving advice

The central difference in between advice and also advise is the the spelling advice, through -ice at the end, is the standard barisalcity.org spelling because that the noun, but never for the verb. Advice has two meanings:

guidance or recommendations readily available to someone about the finest course of action to take it in a details situation: she gave an excellent advice about treating everyone v respect; her help surprised him, yet he took her advice.

(in business and also legal use) a formal document of a financial commitment or other transaction: cheques and also remittance advices were increased in alphabet order.

Advice is greatly used v the an initial meaning, and in this definition it is a mass noun (that is, it has actually no plural).

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The business/legal meaning, however, is a counting noun: it has actually a plural form, advices.