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(1) time so the prize is (D) (2) so the price (c) (3) therefore the prize is (c) (4) the wave will repeats for every 20ms the time therefore the time duration is T=20ms so…View the full answer

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Transcribed image text: What is the duration of a 50 kHz sine wave? 5 mu s 50 mu s 5 times 10^4 s 20 mu s What is the angular velocity the a 50 kHz sine wave? 2 pi times 10^5 rad/s 5 pi times 10^4 rad/s pi times 10^5 rad/s 5 pi times 10^4 rad/sec n What edge in degrees is equivalent to pi/3 radians? 90 level 120 level 60 degree 30 degree See figure 13.1. What is the duration of this waveform? 20 multiple sclerosis 10 multiple sclerosis 30 multiple sclerosis 50 ms See number 13.1. What is the frequency of this waveform? 100 Hz 33 Hz 50 Hz 20 Hz See number 13.1. What is the peak- to- optimal voltage of this waveform? 0 V +10 V +20 V -10 V See figure 13.1. What is the median value that this waveform? 0 V +7.07 V +5 V What angle in radians is indistinguishable to 270 degree? pi/2 3 pi/2 pi +10 V What is the amplitude in the equation v = 35 sin(5000 t)? 5000/pi V 35 V 5000 V 35 pi V What is the frequency in the equation v = 35 sin(5000t)? 2500/pi Hz 5000pi Hz 5000 Hz 35 Hz If ns = 4 sin(gamma t + 50 degree) and also v = 7 sin(gamma t - 30 degree), which among these explanation is true? i leads v by 20 level i leader v by 80 degree i lags v through 20 degree i lags v by 80 degree What is the reliable voltage if v = 10 sin (gamma t - 50 degree)? 20 V 10 V 14.14 V 7.07 V If the effective voltage of one ac receptacle is 120V, what is the peak- to- top voltage? 84.8 V 240 V 170 V 339V discover the period of a routine wave that has a frequency the 0.2 Hz. 5 milliseconds 50 seconds 5 seconds 0.5 secs 27.8 mHz uncover the frequency the a routine wave that has a duration of one hour. 0.278 mHz 278 mHz 2.78 mHz The magnitude of a waveform at any instant the time is dubbed the? Instantaneous value mean value Q peak value Peak- to- height value Write words or expression that ideal completes each statement or answers the question. What is the phase relationship in between voltage v and also current i if v = 15 sin(gamma t + 30 degree) and also i = 20 sin(gamma t - 10 degree)? convert the following angle in degrees to an angle in radians: 49 levels Find the duration for the periodic wave, if the frequency the the periodic wave is 83.3 KHz. What are the period and frequency that a periodic wave that has 12 cycles in 46 20) milliseconds? uncover the amplitude and also frequency that 42.1 sin(377t + 30 degree) See number 13.3. One oscilloscope display produces the waveform shown. The vertical sensitivity regulate is set to 20 volts per significant division, and also the horizontal sensitivity is set at 100 ps per major division. What is the frequency that the presented waveform? See number 13.4. Compose the general voltage equation that explains this waveform.