Symbol: MnAtomic Number: 25Atomic Weight: 54.938Classification: shift metalPhase in ~ Room Temperature: SolidDensity: 7.21 grams per cm cubedMelting Point: 1246°C, 2275°FBoiling Point: 2061°C, 3742°FDiscovered by: Johan G. Gahn in 1774Manganese is the an initial element in the seventh shaft of the regular table. The is classified together a transition metal. Manganese atoms have actually 25 electrons and also 25 protons through 30 neutron in the many abundant isotope.Characteristics and PropertiesUnder standard problems manganese is a solid steel with a silvery-gray color. In countless ways manganese resembles iron, i m sorry is the aspect next come it in the routine table. In its pure form, it is therefore brittle that it can\"t it is in machined without breaking.Pure manganese can have a shiny surface, however tarnishes when exposed come air. The will additionally slowly rust or decompose once coming into call with water.Manganese is a fairly active element and can form a number of oxidation states. The many stable is +2.Where is manganese discovered on Earth?Manganese is mostly uncovered in the Earth\"s crust whereby it is the twelfth most abundant element. The is uncovered in a number of minerals and ores such as pyrolusite, bruanite, and psilomelane. Trace amounts are discovered in s water and also in the atmosphere.Most of the world\"s manganese is found in south Africa and also Australia. The most crucial ore that is mined is pyrolusite.A same amount that manganese is likewise expected to exist on the s floor. However, it has been impractical and also too expensive come harvest this manganese.

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How is manganese supplied today?
The bulk of manganese the is produced by market is for the manufacturing of steel alloys. That is provided widely in steel including very solid steel and also in do stainless steel. The is likewise used in aluminum alloys, mostly in beverage cans whereby it increases the resistance versus corrosion and helps v the stiffness.Other applications include batteries, together an additive in gasoline, a colours in paint, and also as color in ceramics and also glass.Manganese plays an essential role in biological life. It is offered by a number of enzymes. In the person body that is important for strong bones as well as liver and kidney functioning. That is likewise important because that the process of photosynthesis in plants.How was it discovered?The an initial scientist to isolate the element manganese to be Swedish chemist Johan G. Gahn in 1774. Other scientists had actually known that the presence of the aspect prior to this, but none had actually been able to isolation it.Where go manganese get its name?The name originates from the Latin word \"magnes\", which means magnet. It it s okay this name due to the fact that its compound are provided in do glass. Don\"t get confused though, in spite of its name, manganese is not magnetic.IsotopesManganese has actually one secure isotope in nature, manganese-55.Interesting Facts about ManganeseIt was when considered part of the \"iron group\" of aspects as it was on the heat of shift metals v iron and also had similar characteristics come iron.It is thought that overexposure to manganese can reason some neurological (brain) disorders.Although we require it to survive, our body cannot keep manganese.Manganese dioxide was offered as paint plenty of thousands of years ago.An adult human will have actually a complete of roughly 12 mg of manganese in your body.
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