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The city actually presents more than one message.

Firstly, the poem emphasises the transient nature of existence . Time does no stand still and also as that marches on, things change. All matter, regardless of of that nature, suffers indigenous the ravages of time in some or various other way. In the poem,...

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The city actually presents more than one message.

Firstly, the city emphasises the transient nature that existence. Time does no stand still and as the marches on, points change. All matter, regardless of of its nature, suffers native the ravages that time in part or various other way. In the poem, this is illustrated by the adjust Ozymandias" colossal statue has actually undergone.

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Two vast and trunkless foot of stoneStand in the desert . . . Near them, top top the sand,Half sunk, a shattered visage lies,


Round the decayOf the colossal wreck, boundless and also bareThe lone and also level sands stretch far away.”

The 2 extracts clearly indicate the the statue has actually undergone a change for the worse. When Ozymandias had actually this monument built, he probably imagined the it would certainly exist for every time. Its sheer size, he might have believed, would stand together a permanent testament that his power and also achievement. Unfortunately for him, every that stays of his wondrous development are the two massive legs that stone, a face and also a cut down - "nothing beside remains."

Added come this, words "decay" clearly indicates that the statue was unable to survive. The allude is additional emphasised by the an extremely apt usage of alliteration in "boundless and also bare" and also "lone and also level sands." The an initial reveals the huge emptiness the the desert, whilst the 2nd serves as a metaphor for time, together in the phrase, "the sands of time."

Secondly, the city mocks the foolish idealism of one arrogant and also cold-hearted dictator. That is clean from the poem that Ozymandias to be supercilious and also uncaring as argued by the lines:

...whose frown,And wrinkled lip, and also sneer the cold command,Tell the its sculptor fine those passions readWhich however survive, stamped on these lifeless things

Ozymandias gift a stern visage and also he had actually a sneering look about him. The looked under on his subjects and ruled through a cold heart. The sculptor had actually skilfully etched these into the sculpture. Included to this, Ozymandias had the arrogance to think that his power would create fear in all who were exposed come him. The legend on the cut down signifies his good vanity:

‘My surname is Ozymandias, king that kings:Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

The irony is that Ozymandias did not seem to realise that his strength was limited. He would pass on and also so would his power. Fatality is the good equaliser, yet he assumed he would certainly survive beyond that, and ironically, he did not. Every that stays of his greatness is this broken effigy currently being critically talked of by the speaker. The speaker is no in awe, no is he in "despair" because that Ozymandias can has end to exist. That is quite ironic that the speaker expresses higher admiration for the skill of the sculptor 보다 for the sculpted subject.