One of my colleagues used this together their subject in the mail while leave the office. Is there any kind of other location it can be used, and is this way to usage this in basic speech?


This is one English question, no a Spanish question. Most people who use this expression in English execute not in truth know any type of Spanish at all, just as those who usage Bon voyage! or Bon appétit! may understand no French to speak of.

English speakers, an especially in America, no uncommonly use the phrase hasta luego borrowed from Spanish in your English-language speech together a method of speak See ya!

The Spanish preposition hasta coincides to English until, till. There are several versions the these assorted hasta X phrases floating around, the most common probably being ones like these:

Hasta la vistaClose to French au revoir, therefore in Spanish essentially (not literally) “till we check out each other again” yet not fairly so formally; an ext like “see ya later” or “be seein’ ya” perhaps.

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Hasta luegoLiterally “till then” in the initial Spanish.Hasta mañanaLiterally “till tomorrow” in the initial Spanish.Hasta la mañanaLiterally “till morning” in the initial Spanish.Hasta despuésLiterally “till later” or maybe “till afterwards” in the original Spanish.

Your phrase, hasta luego, is a an extremely general point which is heard all the time right here in the southwest unified States. It just method “until whenever”; it is not as irreversible as hasta la vista.

All are fairly casual, and also you must not expect listeners to usage them per their specific original senses native Spanish. This generally occurs v loanwords or phrases; they warp in definition compared through the initial version.

This hasta X construction has been more naturalized right into English by people using a target X the is not also Spanish. Perhaps influenced by the famed movie phrase “Hasta la vista, baby” native Terminator II, people additionally sometimes say:

Hasta la bye-bye

Which provides no sense at all, yet they speak it anyway. Therefore you could even consider hasta X together moderately abundant in English. If you’re right into rhymes, then

Hasta la pasta

also works. In English it would probably average “till supper” v pasta having actually the English sense and so right here used together a tongue-in-cheek metanym — return in Spanish that could lug other meanings due to the fact that pasta has an ext meanings there than it go in English, including slang for money.

In fact, hasta has become so typical in English right here that civilization say merely Hasta together a general sign-off without specifying till when:


I have actually never heard it offered that way in Spanish, only in English.

I can not you even if it is it is proper in casual decided in your very own social circles. But clearly your colleague is comfortable v it, even in writing, for this reason that maybe tbarisalcity.orgs girlfriend something.

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Note the the English pronounced level are additionally somewhat naturalized right into English native the initial versions, since both that the two most typical ones (hasta la vista, hasta luego) contain sounds in Spanish that do not even occur in English.