It to be his first solo single, and it remains among the biggest love songs of all time.

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George Michael changed himself overnight from a boyband member come a leading pop symbol with this 1980s ballad.

But what is 'Careless Whisper' around and how was it made? below are all the facts you should know:

Who wrote 'Careless Whisper'?

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George Michael co-wrote 'Careless Whisper' with his Wham! bandmate Andrew Ridgeley.

The pair had actually written it together while emerging as artists in 1981 in Watford, once they to be aged simply 17.

George stated in his autobiography Bare: "I was on my means to DJ at the Bel Air once I composed 'Careless Whisper'. Ns have always written ~ above buses, trains and in cars. It constantly happens ~ above journeys.

With 'Careless Whisper' ns remember exactly where it very first came come me, where I came up with the sax line. I have the right to remember an extremely vaguely where I was as soon as I wrote things after Wham! gained off the ground, yet with 'Careless Whisper' ns remember exactly the time and place.

"I know it sounds really weird and a type of romantic thing to say, yet I remember precisely where that happened, where I to be sitting on the bus, how I continued and everything. I remember i was handing the money over to the guy on the bus and also I gained this line, the sax line: der-der-der-der, der-der-der-der.

"Then he relocated away and I ongoing writing that in my head. I created it entirely in mine head. I functioned on that for about three months in my head."

'Careless Whisper' meaning: What to be the motivation behind the song?

George and also Andrew took inspiration from stories from George's beforehand romantic moments. George described that lot of the song's content is based upon events from his childhood.

The song was mainly influenced by two different girls called Jane and Helen:

"When i was twelve, thirteen, I used to have to chaperone mine sister, who was 2 years older, come an ice rink at Queensway in London. There was a girl over there with lengthy blond hair whose name was Jane.

"I was a fat young in glasses and also I had actually a large crush on she -though i didn't was standing a chance. Mine sister used to go and do what she wanted when we gained to the skating rink and I would invest the afternoon swooning over this girl Jane.

"A few years later, as soon as I to be sixteen, I had my first relationship with a girl dubbed Helen. It had actually just began to cool turn off a little bit when I found that the blonde girl indigenous Queensway had moved in just approximately the corner from my school.

"She had actually moved in right alongside where I provided to stand and wait for my next-door neighbour, who supplied to offer me a lift home from school. And one day I experienced her walk under the path next to me and I believed – currently where walk SHE come from? She didn't know it was me.


"It was a couple of years later and I looked a many different. Then we played a institution disco through The Executive and also she saw me singing and decided she fancied me. By now she to be that much older and also a big buxom point – and also eventually I began seeing her. She invited me in one day when I was waiting for my lift and also I heaven."

Explaining that after he quit wearing glasses, he started getting invite to parties, the continued: "And the girl who didn't even see me when I to be twelve invited me in. So i went out v her for a couple of months but I didn't avoid seeing Helen. I thought I to be being smart – I had gone from gift a complete loser to gift a two-timer.

"And i remember mine sisters used to offer me a hard time due to the fact that they uncovered out and also they really preferred the an initial girl. The totality idea the 'Careless Whisper' was the very first girl detect out around the second – i m sorry she never did.

"But ns started one more relationship with a girl referred to as Alexis there is no finishing the one with Jane. The all got a bit complicated. Jane uncovered out around her and also got rid the me... The totality time I thought I to be being cool, being this two-timer, yet there yes, really wasn't that lot emotion involved. Ns did feel guilty about the first girl – and also I have seen her since – and also the idea the the track was around her.

"'Careless Whisper' was united state dancing, because we danced a lot, and also the idea to be – we are dancing...but she knows...and it's finished."

George wasn't happy through the initial version

The tune went v at least two attempts at production.

The first was throughout a trip George made to the legend Muscle Shoals studio in Alabama, wherein he worked with producer Jerry Wexler.

However, George to be unhappy with the variation that to be originally created by Wexler, and he made decision to re-record and also produce the track himself, which became the version that to be released.

After Wexler booked the height saxophone player indigenous Los Angeles to carry out the famed solo: "He came down on eleven and should have actually been gone by twelve," claimed Wham! manager Simon Napier-Bell. "Instead, after 2 hours, he was still there while everyone in the studio shuddered with embarrassment. He just couldn't beat the opened riff the method George want it, the means it had actually been on the demo. Yet that had been made 2 years earlier by a girlfriend of George's that lived round the corner and also played sax for funny in the pub."

George supposedly told the saxophonist: "No, it's still not right, you see... It has to twitch upwards a tiny just there! See...? and not too much."

When Napier-Bell inquiry Wexler if George's conflict with the sax sound was correct, Wexler replied: "Definitely! I've viewed things prefer this before. There's part tiny nuance that the sax player is somehow not acquiring right. Although you and I can not hear what the is, it may be the an extremely thing that will make the record a hit. The success the pop documents is for this reason ephemeral, therefore unbelievably unpredictable, we just can’t take it the threat of being impatient. Yet this sax player's no going to acquire it, is he!"

The initial version to be released later in the year, together a B-side 'Special Version' top top 12" in the UK and also Japan. Listen to the above.

Who played the saxophone ~ above 'Careless Whisper'?

George went ago to London's Sarm West's Studio 2 to re-record the track.

Jazz musician Dan Forshaw later on revealed that saxophonist Steve Gregory had acquired a contact to re-record the song's sax solo, and he to be the 11th saxophone player to record the solo as George want to get the sound he hoped for.

"Session musicians perform not have actually much idea what they room going to be recording till they arrive, and also this was the case for Steve and also another saxophonist that was ahead of him in the (queue)," Forshaw said.

"As normal there was a lot of waiting around and also the guy in former of Steve threw in the towel saying, 'it's only going come be some crappy B side anyway for this reason I'm off'. Steve waited and also then found that the solo no that easy to beat in the written key, together his old Selmer note VI tenor didn’t have a height F# key. So, the engineer slowed the tape down so that Steve could record the solo a semitone reduced than intended.

"Once the tape was put ago to the regular speed, a 'unnatural' saxophone sound was produced that sound a little bit like one Alto in the Paul Desmond vibe, yet lacking a bit much more depth and darkness to the sound. George Michael had just landed on the studio and also said 'that’s the one, that’s the sax solo i want'. This could be under to that entirety 80s synth principle where sounds became increasingly 'manufactured', or just that George never recognized it was 'wrong'."

How did it execute in the charts?

The solitary was exit in respectable 1984, and reached number one in the UK, finishing a nine-week operation at the top for 'Two Tribes' by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

It remained at number one for 3 weeks, and was the 5th best-selling solitary of 1984.

It likewise topped the charts in 25 other countries, including the united state in February 1985 under the credit transaction 'Wham! featuring George Michael'. It was later named Billboard's number-one tune of 1985.

'Careless Whisper' to be released when Wham! to be still a group, but was credited to George on his very own in the UK. However, it was contained on Wham!'s album Make that Big.

George wasn't a substantial fan the the song

He claimed in 1991 that it "was no an integral component of my emotional disappoints me that you can write a lyric very flippantly—and no a particularly great lyric—and it deserve to mean so much to so plenty of people. That's disillusioning because that a writer."

He later on told the Big Issue in 2009: "I'm tho a bit perplexed why it's made together an impression on people... Is it due to the fact that so many world have cheated on their partners? Is that why they connect with it?

"I have no idea, but it's ironic that this song - i beg your pardon has pertained to define me in some method - should have been written appropriate at the beginning of my career when I was still therefore young. I was only 17 and didn't really know much about anything - and also certainly naught much about relationships."

'Careless Whisper' music video: whereby was the shot?


The music video clip follows George playing a guy showing guilt end an affair, and his acknowledgement the his companion (played through Lisa Stahl) is going to find out.

It to be filmed on ar in Miami, Florida, in 1984 and also features areas such together as Coconut Grove and also Watson Island. The final shot the the video clip shows Michael leaning out of a balcony in ~ the critical floor of Miami's Grove Towers.

The initial version of the video was edited through the Jerry Wexler 1983 version, and additionally featured Andrew Ridgeley in a cameo, handing end a letter come a dark-haired George.

According come producer Jon Roseman, the video clip was "a f*****g disaster". Follow to co-star Lisa Stahl, "They lost footage of our kissing step so we had to reshoot it, which i didn't complain about... Then George made decision he didn't choose his hair therefore he flew his sister over from England to reduced it and also we had to reshoot an ext scenes."

As the tape felt they had "screwed up" the video, additional footage that George to sing on-stage was later on shot in ~ the Lyceum Theatre in London.

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Who has covered it?

Various artists, including:

- Seether (see above)- Gloria Gaynor- The Shadows- Bananarama- Kenny G

It featured in Deadpool

The Marvel superhero movie ended with a terrific burst of 'Careless Whisper', complete with an man Deadpool playing sax.