What does Alvin mean?


▼ together a boys" surname is pronounce AL-vin. That is that Old English origin, and the definition of Alvin is "elf or miracle being, friend". Indigenous Aelfwine and likewise possibly way "precious friend". Radio characters Alvin and also the squirrel have provided the name an irresistably comical cast, however. Choreographer Alvin Ailey. Also form of Alban.STARTS v Al-

ASSOCIATED with old english, elf, magical, friend


VARIANTS Ailwyn, Al▼, Aloin, Aluin, Aluino, Alva▼, Alvan, Alven, Alvie▼, Alvy, Alvyn, Alwin, Alwyn, Alwynn, Aylwin, Elvin▼, Elwin▼, Elwyn, Elwynn

SEE likewise Elvis

FEMININE type Alvina

CREATIVE FORMS(male) Alufin, .. (female) Alvi, .. Middle NAME PAIRINGSAlvin Maximo (A.M.), ..

How well-known is Alvin?

Alvin is a very prominent first name for guys (#169 out of 1220, height 14%) and additionally a an extremely prominent last surname for both adults and children (#22891 out of 150436, peak 15%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Alvin got to its top rank the #71 in the U.S. In the 1920s, and is currently at #654. (2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS)



Which version is better?

Popular related forms of Alvin (#654 IN 2018) noted in the height 2000 space Elvis (#1210), Elvin (#1444), Al, Alva, Alvan, Alven, Alvie, Alvy, Alwin, Elwin and also Elwyn. Adoption of these relations of Alvin got to its apex a century back (MEDIAN #907) and also is now much less (#1775, 89.5% less USAGE).

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Similar Names

Alvin▼ is pronounced likewise to Elven and Elvyn. Other said similar-sounding names are Aarin, Adlin, Alain, Alair, Albain, Alben, Albie, Albin▼, Albion, Albis, Albyn, Aldan, Alden▲, Aldin, Aldis, Aldivin (see Aldous), Aldon, Aldwin, Alen, Alfio, Algie, Algis, Alia, Alic, Alin, Allain, Allie▼, Allin, Alois▼, Alon, Alpin, Alpine, Alric, Alstin, Alten, Alun, Alvar, Alvern, Alvis, Alwis, Antin, Arlin, Arvid, Arvin, Arvis, Arwin, Aswin, Avi▲, Avia, Aviv, Avon, Aydin▲, Aykin, Calvin, Eldin, Elgin, Ervin▼, Evin, Flin, Galvin, Gavin▼, Glin, Havin, Irvin▼, Jovin, Kelvin▼, Kevin▼, Klein, Levin, Melvin▼, Nevin, Olin▼ and also Tavin. These names tend to it is in less typically used 보다 Alvin.