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The main problem of "The Scarlet Ibis" through James Hurst is Brother"s i can not qualify to attend to Doodle"s disabilities: his concern much more for himself 보다 Doodle.

When Doodle is born, brother considers killing him because he is "not right."

He to be born once I to be six and was, from...

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The main problem of "The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst is Brother"s inability to attend to Doodle"s disabilities: his concern much more for himself 보다 Doodle.

When Doodle is born, brothers considers killing him because he is "not right."

He was born when I to be six and also was, native the outset, a disappointment.

Brother start to traction Doodle about in a go-cart. Doodle substantially depends on his brother.

to be a load in plenty of ways.

And brother is regularly mean to his brother.

There is within me (and through sadness I have watched the in others) a knot of cruelty borne through the currently of love, lot as our blood periodically bears the seeds of our destruction, and at times ns was typical to Doodle.

They visit the loft and see the coffin the Brother"s parents assumed they would require for Doodle. Brother makes Doodle touch it and also threatens to leave him alone if he does not. However, Brother likewise teaches his brothers to walk, i beg your pardon amazes and delights the whole family. However while everyone hugs the two boys, brothers knows what urged him, and also he is ashamed—it was an ext pride 보다 love: a significant theme in the story.

Brother cries with unspoken shame, in the expertise that his genuine motive was no love, yet pride.

Brother is torn between doing for his brother and feeling choose he is saddled through him. The main conflict in the story is uncovered with brothers trying come live a "normal" life v an "exceptional" brother—in various other words, he is torn in between doing points to help his brother and doing points for his own benefit.

Brother never ever learns to completely appreciate Doodle for the special person he is. At the finish of the story, brothers abandons his ailing brother in the center of a thunderstorm. He finally stops, waiting for Doodle come appear—and as soon as he go not present up, brother finds his brother dead. Possibly it is just now that he deserve to appreciate his brothers for that he was, apart from how Brother feeling inconvenienced and embarrassed by him.

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Childishly, brothers is an ext interested in himself 보다 in others, even his brother that so demands him.