A follow-up come Wednesday’s evaluation of the most renowned sports in the world. This day we comment on things like polo, archery and Canadian football.

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On Wednesday, I placed up the results of my research to shot to figure out the 11 most famous sports in the world.

My technique involved using data from two websites that used interesting, albeit rather roundabout, techniques to gauge sports’ popularity throughout the world. (One is based upon the popularity of sports’ main websites, one is based upon sports’ global press coverage.) yet the peak 11 pass the eye test, so ns was fine through it.

I’m not so sure this bottom 11 overcome the eye test.

I couldn’t incorporate every sport in the world due to the fact that of a absence of data. For this reason while these are the 11 least well-known sports I might quantify, things prefer jai alai, foxy boxing, synchronized trampolining and also egg-spoon races aren’t included. In other words, these room the least well-known sports that space popular enough to at the very least be in the global conversation about sports.

Now the I’ve preemptively damaged it, on through the list! here are the 11 least popular sports in the world…

11 | Shooting

Watching other people shoot weapons is reportedly sort-of famous in India and eastern Europe and also not specifically popular all over else. Or therefore the free would have actually us believe.

10 | Bowling

Look. Bowling is a lot of fun to do as soon as in a when on a Friday night when neon lamp flash and also Maneater pumps from an antiquated stereotype system. Yet bowling together a sport has actually fallen top top quite difficult times. It’s not ranked in the height 20 most renowned sports in any kind of country in the world and, in spite of ESPN’s efforts, is regularly less captivating to watch on TV than sad dudes sitting about playing cards.

9 | Darts

It’s rated as one of the peak three most well-known sports in one country in the world: Gibraltar. Which is a nation in the method that a dare at the mall selling custom embroidered hats is a store. Darts is one of those things that’s a sports to some people however just a video game to anyone else.

8 | Weightlifting

The sports of weightlifting isn’t quite hopping under onto the Nautilus chest press maker and pumping out three sets that 10 reps — this is about a neckless Bulgarian lady that looks prefer an angry barrel clean-and-jerking 875 pounds. Or 396 kilos, if friend will.

7 | Canadian football

I totally expected American soccer to crack this list, but it didn’t. Even though it’s insanely famous in America and not watched almost everywhere else, the Super key draws a the majority of press coverage and eyeballs. In fact, it finished as the 15th most popular sport on mine list. Canadian football, on the various other hand, doesn’t even rank as the most famous sport in that is home nation (it loses the end to hockey and also possibly maple syrup drinking contests).

6 | Sailing

Ever because Christopher cross played in ~ the Newmanium, sailing has never been the same.

5 | Archery

If in a post-Hunger Games world archery quiet charts this low, the fifth-least popular sport in the human being may in reality be that is peak.

4 | Polo

Polo is method less popular than water polo, i m sorry ought to lead to quite a couple of people gasping in horror, monocles falling into brandy snifters in the process. It can even it is in less famous than Marco Polo in ~ this point. (The swimming pool game and quite possibly likewise the explorer.)

3 | Fencing

Kind that a raw transaction for fencing. Time to adjust the rules. Instead of points for touching your bendy sword into someone’s chess, award points for plunging your knife deep into their heart.

2 | Motocross/motorcycle racing

I merged the rankings for motocross, MotoGP, motorcycle racing, superbike and everything else motorcycle related because (1) I wanted to provide them a fighting chance and (2) i couldn’t yes, really differentiate in between them even though I’m certain there are world out there that would punch me in the head because that saying that. Other sports I linked (like various skiing and running sports) regulated to dodge this list; the umbrella the motorcycle racing barely escaped pure zero. Also bad. Vroom vroom vroom.

1 | Kabbadi

Kabbadi is the nationwide sport that Bangladesh and, native what I can tell, it’s a mix that rugby without a ball and also red rover. It has actually no possibility of ever getting over in the U.S. Now; if castle weren’t letting youngsters play this as soon as I remained in school, they absolutely won’t permit today’s children play. Anyway, it’s huge in southeast Asia and virtually no one else in the human being has heard of it.

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