1 720 Gazelle Flip

I have the right to do this but that take it me 4 to 5 years to learn. Also, the time is very difficult.

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Not the hardest trick. Hardest trick is no laughing in ~ posers.

A gazelle flip. Yeah, quite hard, however do-able. 720 gazelle flip? simply say her prayers

Gnarly trick. Half the top on this perform don"t belong.

4 Hospital Flip

One the my favourite tricks! Learned it in 8th grade and also 20years late ns still have em! Trips a the majority of skaters out...TheSkateNub85

5 1440 Flip

It exists,just hasn"t to be done in competition. Need a most height. Almost impossible, have the right to be done.

Never also been done

It is supper hard!

It doesn"t exist.

7 Ollie

It"s by far the easiest here but it worthy it"s place due to the fact that it"s pretty hard to learn, more tough than most other tricks. But once you learn

I"m a starting person in skateboarding and I struggle to even snap increase the board and slide my foot up, ollies are incredibly hard to do and require a the majority of skill and work come achieve!

Ollies room so easy, that"s the trick i learned first, and also you have the right to never forget how to do it as soon as you learn. Just keep trying, if you loss down, get back up and shot again.

Get skateboarding made basic that"s just how I"m discovering my skating i learn just how to Ollie in 5 months its straightforward don"t worry...

14 360 Hardflip

Landed ~ above my board on mine ass and my plank snapped in half. It was under a 5 stair.

God I"ve do the efforts this favor twice, and also both times I"ve really hurt myself.

Crap obtained hit in the balls double today and also I chipped my tooth and broke one rib "

17 Treyflip

Its tre flip. I think the hardest trick is to spell the word.

I owned this trick in like a month. I"m just 14

Its tre no trey

19 Kickflip

It is taking me forever to land it, I have the right to never land mine front foot. I have never also landed it before

Hardest starting person trick... Some discover it simpler to learn intermediate tricks like 360 flips

Kickflip"s space like impossible to discover it is really difficult to land her front foot on after girlfriend flick

Go suck yo mum

20 Kickflip Sexchange

When ns did a kickflip though ns am a girl I became a young afterwards... Sexchange that is..

My nuts were damaged after this had to get cut off...

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This cheat is for this reason wrong

21 Cheese Nugget

Very complicated took me 5 months to learn. Hit mine cheese nuggets a pair of times

Tried to carry out a Cheese Nugget and also I dislocated my perineum.

This must be number 1. Also though this to be addded through a 3rd grader

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