From upgrading your kart to flying with challenges, this is the critical tip and trick guide to angry Birds Go!

In angry Birds go! you have the right to race as your favorite personalities from the well-known Angry birds franchise. Indigenous timed obstacles to smashing fruit, there"s a the majority of fun to be had. However what if you acquire stuck on a specific an obstacle or don"t know where to uncover Angry bird Go! codes? That"s wherein comes in! Follow follow me for our peak tips, tricks, and also cheats to mastering upset Birds Go!

1. If you"re going to buy anything, acquire the coin doubler


Angry bird Go! is one of those games that provides it very easy to spend a lot the money ~ above in-app purchases if friend aren"t careful. If you decide you"re ready to covering out some cash, perform it ~ above something that you continuously obtain rewarded from. The coin doubler is $6.99 but you save it forever and every solitary coin you collection counts as two. That method you rack up your complete twice together fast.

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Obviously the finest route is always the shortest ones. Taking tight turns and also staying top top the within of the track have the right to shave off street and all at once time. Clearly if there"s a gem top top the external of the track and also you have sufficient of a lead or enough time to choose it up, by all way do so. But if you"re racing against the clock or having a difficult time pass an opponent, staying on the inside helps you obtain some ground.

3. Time your power ups right


You"re limited on power ups and using them at the best time makes the most sense. That method don"t usage a speed an increase right before you"re going come go approximately a corner. The odds of you slamming into a wall surface and wasting it are high. Instead, use it in a broad open space. Likewise look because that cues on strength ups like bubbles the elevate you. If you see a currently of coins in the air, that"s most likely a great time to usage it.

4. Aim matters once you"re launching off


When friend launch turn off from the starting block, make certain you aim well. Normally I aim because that the inside of the track whenever possible. Relying on how you aim, it could be the difference between beginning off in the lead or obtaining stuck on an opponent and not gift able to make up the time.

5. Upgrade acceleration and top speed prior to anything else


When you"re upgrading your kart, spend your coins on acceleration and also top speed first. These room what can provide you the edge in more tough challenges. I"ve discovered focusing on this two boosts to enable you come level increase and advancement faster together opposed come upgrading evenly and possibly losing obstacles due to quicker opponents.

6. Don"t waste jewel on skip challenges

Unless friend absolutely can"t win a details challenge, don"t waste your gems on skipping it. Commonly it costs you at least 10 gems and it"s just not precious it. Try a couple of more times or placed the game down and come back to that later. Gems space super tough to come by so usage them sparingly and only when you have actually to.

7. Don"t energize birds utilizing gems, adjust the time instead!

Each time your bird runs out of energy you"ll must wait for 20 minutes to usage it again. There"s a recognized glitch despite that"ll let you trick the system. Simply put her iPhone or iPad in Airplane mode and also then adjust the time ahead at least an hour. Her bird have to then be all set to go once you hop ago in the game.

8. Use Facebook for double rewards

Signing right into your facebook account offers you double rewards in angry Birds Go! for this reason if you"ve obtained a facebook account, make sure you sign right into it. Who doesn"t desire to earn rewards faster?

9. Don"t forget to do everyday events

Each day upset Birds Go! provides you a daily occasion that you deserve to participate in to success either coins or gems. Every consecutive day that you complete

10. Angry Birds go! codes

There are lots of special password from sponsors you can redeem v Angry bird Go! that you"ll just need to keep your eyes peeled for. The Jenga code reveals a special pirate themed mini game. If you have actually the Jenga set, just get in the code. If not, you deserve to buy the level for $1.99. Various other sponsors such as State Farm run promos and also have codes from time come time as well. Just keep her eyes open.

Unfortunately, many of the password you"ll find online are never ever valid. However, if you manage to discover codes the work, be sure to leaving them in the comments and also we"ll inspect them the end and include them if we deserve to verify them.

Your tips, tricks, and cheats?

If you play angry Birds Go! and also have tips and also tricks come share, be certain to leaving them in the comments!


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