Sure, Charleston wasn’t blessed with ocean views, yet did you know it’s also surrounded by amazing lake beaches and also river beaches, bordered by healthy nature reserves and exhilarating campsite facilities?

There may be no beaches in Charleston, however its residence state, West Virginia, wasn’t nicknamed the hill State because that nothing.

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Up top top its peaks and hills space landlocked yet pristine bodies of water that occasionally fulfill soft, bright sand.

Best that all, many of this destinations take an ext or much less an hour to gain to!

If you’re badly in require of a coast fix, worry not; us rounded up the finest beaches near Charleston, WV simply for you.

1. Beech Fork State Park — Barboursville


5601 long Branch RoadBarboursville, WV 25504(304) 528-5794

Nestled in the southwestern hills that West Virginia, Beech Fork State Park sit on 3,144 acre of lush natural landscape.

Why us Recommend This Beach

Beech Fork State Park supplies outdoorsy wanderers miles of long walking trails because that nature exploration, hundreds of campsites for the perfect respite amidst West Virginia’s wealthy terrain, and a riches of beach activities by the lake.

Whether you’re an angler, hiker, camper, or parent, Beech Fork has something in keep for you.

Expert Tip

If you forgot something because that your expedition or have a short supply of camping needs, concern not! The state park has actually Camper’s edge Store in ~ the park headquarters, wherein grocery needs, gift items, camping and also fishing supplies, and even ice, ice cream cream, and also firewood space sold!

Recommended Hotel close to Beech Fork State Park — Barboursville: Hampton Inn college Area, Huntington, WV

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2. Forked operation State Park — Reedsville


63300 OH-124Reedsville, Ohio 45772(866) 644-6727

Just a small over an hour far from Charleston, Forked run State Park is situated up top top the forested hills that Ohio.

Why us Recommend This Beach

The area that is currently Forked run State Park continues to be untouched since the ice Age, making the a huge part of native American heritage.

The park today features a 100-foot sandy beach because that swimming, sunbathing, and also boating and almost 200 campsites. Three hiking trails weave through the forest, which readjust colors v the season.

Expert Tip

History buffs will certainly love the old forest and also lake in the park, but there’s one more attraction northeast because that those that are into bygone eras. The city that Marietta, the an initial settlement that Ohio, has the Campus Martius State Memorial Museum and also the Ohio flow Museum.

Recommended Hotel near Forked run State Park — Reedsville: Microtel Inn & Suites through Wyndham Mineral Wells/Parkersburg

3. Summersville Lake — Summersville


400 vast StreetSummersville, WV 26651(304) 872-3459

Summersville Lake, covering 2,7000 acre of water, is the largest lake in West Virginia.

Why we Recommend This Beach

With more than 60 mile of shoreline, Summersville Lake is a mecca because that exhilarating water activities. Its dimension assures you that there’s no shortage of funny diversions in the water and also campsites and cabins in the surrounding Mountain Lake Campground.

Expert Tip

Drop by Fat Eddies and also treat the formation to luscious ice cream cream and also hot dogs. The pretty near to fight Run, which is among the other lake beaches nearby.

Recommended Hotel close to Summersville Lake — Summersville: La Quinta by Wyndham Summersville

4. North bend Park — Boydton


64 N bend DriveBoydton, VA 23917(434) 738-6101

Situated ~ above a 50,000-acre man H. Kerr Reservoir, North bend Park is the biggest park in the area.

Why us Recommend This Beach

North Bend features what looks like an endless, unspoiled shoreline that stretches across six counties!

It’s a worthwhile five-hour-and-a-half drive from Charleston, with countless recreational opportunities like boating, picnicking, camping, swimming, fishing, and so lot more.

Expert Tip

If you’re on among those weekend beach trips indigenous Charleston because that Memorial Day with Labor Day, journey a fifty percent mile away after a fun beach morning and drop by the Joseph S.J. Tanner II ecological Education facility for interpretive programs and exhibits open up to the public.

Recommended Hotel near North bend Park — Boydton: Fairfield Inn and Suites south Hill I-85

5. Fox Fire KOA Campground — Milton


290 Fox Fire RoadMilton, WV 25541(304) 743-5622

If you looking for rapid beach getaways native Charleston, Fox Fire KOA is the nearest beach spot. It’s less than an hour’s drive away! component of the world’s largest system of personal campgrounds, Fire Fox KOA assures wonderful service and complete amenities because that everyone.

Why us Recommend This Beach

Enjoy roasting marshmallows around campfires with the gang, swimming in or floating on the little sandy lake beach, bounce ~ above the water trampoline, talk banana bikes, and more amusing outdoor activities.

Expert Tip

If she bringing the whole family along, you’ll love this place throughout the summer. Every Saturday in the summer, there space scheduled children crafts, hay rides, and family movie to expect.

Recommended Hotel near Fox Fire KOA Campground — Milton: Hampton Inn Huntington/Barboursville

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6. Jennings Randolph Lake — Elk Garden


Jennings Randolph LakeElk Garden, WV 26717(304) 355-2346

Tucked in between Maryland and also West Virginia, Jennings Randolph Lake coastline stretches 5 miles and also encompasses 952 acres of unspoiled wilderness.

Why us Recommend This Beach

Jennings Randolph Lake have the right to satiate anyone’s coast cravings. With its crystal waters sugar-white sand beach, the lake can offer your household lots of pleasant memories.

Aside indigenous the classic beach activities, the lake is additionally loaded through water-based activities, choose water skiing, boating, fishing, camping, birding, hiking, diving, picnicking, and also even 3D archery.

Expert Tip

To optimal it every off, the lake offers accessibility to number of outdoor attractions in both West Virginia and Maryland.

While here, you have the right to visit Howell run Picnic Area and also Boat Launch, Robert W. Craig Campground, shaw Beach, the West Virginia Overlook and also the Maryland Overlook, and also the Maryland boat Launch.

Recommended Hotel near Jennings Randolph Lake — Elk Garden: ideal Western Huntington shopping mall Inn

7. Sutton Lake — Sutton


Sutton, WV 26601(304) 765-2816

Located in the mountain Lakes region of main West Virginia, Sutton Lake consist of 1,440 acres and lines the shore because that 44 miles.

Why us Recommend This Beach

Sutton Lake is indeed one that the prettiest beaches in West Virginia. The reservoir provides water sports, a playground, picnic areas, trails, campsites, and wildlife encounters.

Its fine sand coast is especially perfect because that unwinding, relaxing, and soaking up some sunrays.

Expert Tip

For a unique and unforgettable experience, rent a deluxe houseboat on your visit to this gorgeous lake. Besides providing you a warm homebase, a houseboat is additionally equipped through a canopied upper deck, water slide, and also a hold of other water activities.

Recommended Hotel near Sutton Lake — Sutton: job Inn & Suites through Wyndham Sutton Flatwoods

8. Tygart Lake State Park — Grafton


1240 Paul E Malone RoadGrafton, WV(304) 265-6144

Resting on the foothills the the Allegheny Mountains, Tygart Lake State Park is well-known for the 10-mile coastline-like shore.

Why we Recommend This Beach

Tygart Lake is actually a dream destination for Charleston households who want to experience a tranquil yet action-packed coast getaway. Surrounded by mountain views and also lakeside lodging, the lake offers you a bevy that water sports, consisting of canoeing, water skiing and boating.

Expert Tip

Don’t worry about packing meals ahead. Yes sir a complete menu accessible at Tygart Lake Lodge and Tygart Lake public Golf Course. Friend can likewise travel phibìc of the lake to Grafton for an ext dining options.

Recommended Hotel near Tygart Lake State Park — Grafton: Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Bridgeport

9. Lake Stephens — Beckley


1400 Lake Stephens RoadBeckley, WV 25802(304) 934-5323

Lake Stephens, one hour and a fifty percent away native Charleston, boasts 2,300 acre of rustic landscape and also a 272-acre lake.

Why we Recommend This Beach

With shallow waters and also attentive lifeguards, this lake beach is probably the safest coast for youngsters near Charleston, West Virginia. Furthermore, the park has a sprinkler splash pad, a water park, a marina, playgrounds, a paintball park, and even a horseback speak facility!

Expert Tip

Add much more spice come your family members vacation by exploring the nearby attractions, including Tamarack, Burning rock Off-Road Park and Mountain State Miniature Golf.

Recommended Hotel close to Lake Stephens — Beckley: vacation Inn Hotel & Suites Beckley

10. Lake Sherwood beach — White Sulphur Springs


10454 Sherwood Lake RdWhite Sulphur Springs, WV 24986(304) 536-9155

Lake Sherwood is an additional lake beach close to Charleston well loved by local households for the exciting activities that await guest of all ages here.

Why us Recommend This Beach

If you in require of a brief day trip to a quiet beach v scenic views, look no more than Lake Sherwood.

With its patience waters, beachside snack bar, marina, sports courts, campsites, swimming pool, and also hiking trails, Lake Sherwood deserve to assure girlfriend a tranquil yet fun-filled family members retreat.

Expert Tip

Hike the Monongahela national Forest and also get a opportunity to clues fascinating wildlife, including coyotes, otters, and black bears!

Recommended Hotel close to Lake Sherwood beach — White Sulphur Springs: Hampton Inn Covington VA

11. Shavers Lake — Snowshoe


10 Snowshoe DriveSnowshoe, WV 26209(877) 441-4386

Experience a smashing and relaxing family members vacation with a visit to the state’s greatest elevated beach.

Why we Recommend This Beach

Shavers Lake beckons families with that eye-catching white sand beach. Fill her vacation days right here swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, hiking, and also just chilling ~ above the soft sand.

Adventurous family members may additionally experience a mishmash that outdoorsy activities, prefer horseshoes, slacklines, shuffleboard, and more.

Expert Tip

See the lush forests and also surrounding hills from a bird’s view by taking the top Ballhooter Lift. As you soar over the forest, you’ll gain striking panoramas and spot wildlife roaming free.

Recommended Hotel near Shavers Lake — Snowshoe: exploration Station

12. Cacapon resort State Park — Berkeley Springs


818 Cacapon Lodge DriveBerkeley Springs, WV 25411(304) 258-1022

No perform of the finest family beaches in West Virginia is complete without Cacapon will State Park.

Why us Recommend This Beach

Cacapon will State Park will enthrall family members in a range of ways. In fact, this state park is residence to one of the nice beaches in West Virginia, giving plenty that diversions choose golfing, hiking, fishing, camping, wobble clay shooting, horseback riding, and also many more.

Expert Tip

Check the end the park’s calendar for interesting, educational activities scheduled through the year! clock artists paint, sign up with craft activities, witness concert or nature presentations, and expect countless more!

Recommended Hotel near Cacapon will State Park — Berkeley Springs: Bavarian Inn

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13. ACE Adventure resort — Oak Hill


1 Concho RoadOak Hill, WV 25901(844) 895-4176

They don’t call ACE Adventure one of the finest beach vacations native Charleston because that nothing. Through a plethora that attractions and also activities, it makes a wonderful alternative to the oceanfront eight hours away.

Why us Recommend This Beach

ACE Adventure Resort has actually all the hallmarks of one unforgettable coast getaway. That is kid-friendly lake beach package toys and inflatables, and also the whole resort offers adventures around, such together whitewater rafting, zip line tours, horseback rides, and also ATV tours on height of the usual beach fun.

Expert Tip

The little ones will absolutely love the resort’s camp program. Perfect for kids ages 5 to 10, this program functions tons of fun activities, consisting of scavenger hunts, crafts, lake activities, and also games.

Recommended Hotel near ACE Adventure will — Oak Hill: high quality Inn brand-new River Gorge

14. Virginia beach Oceanfront — Virginia Beach


Atlantic AvenueVirginia Beach, VA 23451

Virginia beach is a vibrant coastal city whereby the Chesapeake bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. That Oceanfront is the resort city’s key tourist attraction, which features a three-mile long shore with a boardwalk.

Why us Recommend This Beach

If you’re ready to journey six hrs to Virginia Beach, you will do it be rewarded by one of the most celebrated and popular beaches in the US.

Backed by a growing local cooking scene, well-off history, a range of arts and also entertainment, and also hundreds that hotels and also restaurants along its oceanfront, Virginia coast is a vacation well deserved by everyone wanting to make the finest beach memories.

Expert Tip

The waves below can acquire a bit wild together it encounters the open ocean, so this coast is far better suited for surfing and other water sports. If you wish to wade into the water, execute not venture far indigenous the shore.

But there’s much more to Virginia Beach than its spectacular coastline. Come add an ext spice to your beach escape, check out the city’s various other age-friendly attractions, consisting of the Virginia Aquarium and Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

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Recommended Hotel near Virginia beach Oceanfront — Virginia Beach: Hilton Garden Inn Virginia coast Oceanfront

15. Cape Charles town Beach — Cape Charles


Bay AvenueCape Charles, VA 23310(757) 331-3259

Though the farthest beach destination in the list, Cape Charles city Beach tops every the best beach vacations native Charleston. Located at Virginia’s easternmost shore, this beach ticks off all the functions one could dream of because that the ideal beach getaway.

Why we Recommend This Beach

Why is Cape Charles beach the best? Entrance and also parking are totally free, it’s mostly underrated therefore it’s much less crowded, the sand’s for this reason soft and also white and also clean, and also the shoreline’s form protects swimmers from stunner waves, making that the best beach for swimming!

Plus, it has actually a park-like setting complete through amenities, consisting of public restrooms, benches, and picnic pavilions. It hosts the normal beach activities too, therefore what much more could you ask for?

Expert Tip

If you desire a bit more activity, you may additionally rent a paddleboard or kayak through your gang. Likewise, girlfriend may inspect the cultural attractions and also shopping and also dining options in Cape Charlestown. That is, there is no a doubt, the height of the ideal beaches close to Charleston, WV!

Recommended Hotel close to Cape Charles town Beach — Cape Charles: Shore stay Suites