Skai Jackson is a famous American actress that has got popularity over the years, much more so for her function in the Disney Channel series, Jessie. She has been acting because she was three years old and so far, she has appeared in countless films and also TV shows.


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Family and early life

Skai Jackson to be born ~ above April 8, 2002, to she parents Kiya Cole and Jacob Jackson. She has two younger siblings. However, Skai Jackson siblings space not well-known by name. Skai Jackson parental divorced and she remained under the custody of she mother.

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She regularly write-ups her pictures with she dad on she social media platforms. Details that her education and learning are not right now available, however according to a article on she Twitter account, she is looking forward to graduating and joining college.

At simply nine month old, Skai to be enrolled at a model company after her mother and friends noticed just how adorable she was. She grew up prepare to it is in a supermodel, however along the way, she also developed an attention in acting.

Her mother, Kiya, quit her job at the write-up office and also took up the permanent position of gift Skai’s job manager when she make her acting debut at three years old.


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There are no relationship ties in between the late pop star Michael Jackson and also Skai Jackson. They share a critical name, but that does no necessarily analyze to them gift related.

Appearance and also body measurements

Her eye and also hair shade is black. Skai Jackson elevation is 4 feet 11 inches when she weighs about 34 Kgs. She body procedures 28B-23-30 inches. She has a slim, gorgeous body.


Skai commenced her acting career at the period of 3 years. She to be featured in the live independence film referred to as Liberty child in 2007.

She ongoing to play miscellaneous roles in renowned TV shows and movies such as G.I Joe: Retaliation and also The Smurfs. Here is a perform of part Skai Jackson movies and also TV shows.


Liberty boy (2007) as DestinyRescue Me (2008) as tiny GirlThe rebound (2009) as Museum little GirlArthur (2011) as little GirlThe Smurfs (2011) as Kicking GirlG.I.Joe: Retaliation as Roadblock’s daughterMy Dad’s a Soccer mom (2014) together Lacy Casey

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TV shows

Team Umizoomi (2010) together Kayla - Voice function in the episode: The rojo Toy ParadeRoyal pains (2010) together Maddie Phillips - Episode: huge WhoopBoardwalk realm (2011) together Aneisha - Episode: What does the punishment Do?Bubble Guppies (2011-2013) as tiny Fish - main voice role: season 1-2Jessie (2011-2015) together Zuri Ross - main roleAustin & allied (2012) together Zuri Ross - Episode: large Dreams & large ApplesDora The explorer (2012-2014) together Isa the Iguana - Recurring voice roleGood happy Charlie (2013) together Zuri Ross - Episode: “Good luck Jessie: NYC Christmas”The Watsons go to Birmingham (2013) as Joetta WatsonUltimate Spider-Man (2014) as Zuri Ross - Voice role on the episode: Halloween Night in ~ the MuseumBunk’d (2015-2018) as Zuri Ross - main character (season 1-3)K.C. Undercover (2015) together Zuri Ross - Episode: every Howl’s EveMarvel Rising: Initiation (2018) together Glory grant - Voice role on episodes: Floor Toms and also Spider Webs and also Ghost HunterMarvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts (2019) as Glory give - Voice roleMarvel Rising: fight of the Bands (2019) together Glory grant - Voice roleDreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019-2020) together Summer - Voice roleMarvel Rising: operation Shuri (2019) together Glory give - Voice role

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Besides acting, Skai has additionally appeared in the video clip of Lil Nas X’s hit song referred to as Panini.

In October 2019, she released she memoir entitled Reach for the Skai: exactly how to Inspire, Empower, and Clapback. In the book, she share details around the struggles of she life, self-acceptance, rise to stardom, girl empowerment and the classy clapback.

What is Skai Jackson’s network worth?

Skai Jackson 2020 net worth worth stands in ~ 500,000 us dollars. She draws her fortune indigenous actings.

She to be a child design in commercials for leading brands and also corporates such as Band-Aid bandages which earned her considerable income.

She is only 17 years, however she has already accomplished quite a lot in the film industry. She has a promising future in the entertain industry, and also thus, the chances are high that Skai Jackson net worth will certainly rise.

Is Skai Jackson dating someone?


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As of now, Skai Jackson does not have a boyfriend, and also she is presumed to it is in single. However, the actress had actually a few relationships in the past that walk not work-related out. She had dated kid Trunks and also Famous Jay.

Skai Jackson and Bhad Bhabie feud

XXLSource: UGC

In late February, there to be a boil exchange the words in between Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, and also Skai. Exactly how did it all begin? Apparently, Skai offered a pseudo-Instagram account to ask who to hook her up v the rapper NBA YoungBoy, who had once dated Bhad Bhabie.

Bhad Bhabie did no take this lightly, and she hit back at Skai accusing she of constantly following increase on any kind of guy she speak to. Daniel was therefore upset with the case that she post an Instagram video in which she threatened to death the actress.

Danielle additionally told Skai to never again set foot in ~ the beauty beauty parlor where she go for she makeup.

The feud took a new twist once Barbara Ann Bregoli, Danielle’s mother and also Kiya Cole, Skai Jackson mom, were likewise involved in the virtual exchange. However, tension appeared to have actually quelled once the court granted Skai a restraining order versus Bhad Bhabie.

Skai Jackson recent news

Late last year, it was revealed the she was among the renowned speakers collection to provide a speak at Irvine valley College on march 6, 2020; the theme of the talk being ‘Modifying human Perception’. American comedian, Steve Harvey was also named as a speaker on the event.

Social media

Want to see some of the latest Skai Jackson pictures and also know what she is up to? Follow she Instagram account or Twitter account.

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At a young age, Skai Jackson has completed quite a lot in she career. She is not only figured out to succeed in she profession but also encourages young people to pursue their call relentlessly. She is an enthusiastic young actress, and also we have the right to only expect to see much more of her works in the future.