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On the cable settop box I have (Motorola DCT-2000), the instructions discuss how to wire it up v "RF Bypass".What exactly does the mean? i can"t phone call what the does native looking in ~ the wiring diagram.I guessing it"s a fancy method of speak "built-in splitter" or something, but it"s not noticeable to me.Is anyone here familiar with this phrase?Thanks!
It method you have the right to bypass one rf signal the is fed right into it. That the exact function as the vcr/tv button your vcr has. As soon as in normal setting the cable crate controls what channel is displayed. As soon as on bypass the an equipment after the cable box (vcr or tv) controls this. One valuable reason for this is having actually a vcr with auto timer after ~ the box. As soon as the box is in bypass the vcr can instantly select the propper channel.
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