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Wet season in Everglades nationwide Park, Florida.

Photo by glen Gardner.

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Water operation from a cave entrance at Ozark nationwide Scenic Riverways, Missouri. photograph by Scott House

Karst is a type of landscape where the dissolving of the bedrock has developed sinkholes, sinking streams, caves, springs, and other characteristics features. Karst is linked with dissolve rock types such as limestone, marble, and also gypsum. In general, a common karst landscape forms when much of the water fall on the surface ar interacts with and enters the subsurface through cracks, fractures, and holes that have actually been dissolved into the bedrock. After traveling underground, periodically for long distances, this water is climate discharged from springs, numerous of i beg your pardon are cavern entrances.


A sinkhole is a depression or hole formed when the land surface sinks as result of underground bedrock dissolution or cave collapse. In emerged areas, catastrophic sinkhole collapse can cause far-reaching damage and also loss that life.

Karst and Water

Karst is appropriate for save water together an aquifer and also provides huge amounts of clean drink water come people, plants, and also animals. Since of the porous (Swiss cheese-like) nature the karst, water flows conveniently through it and also receives small filtration. Therefore, contaminants that get in a karst aquifer are promptly transported developing water high quality problems. About 20% the the United says is underlain by karst landscapes and 40% the groundwater offered for drinking originates from karst aquifers. that is imperative because that our health and safety to safeguard karst landscapes.

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Series of generalized cross-sectional views of the development of a karst landscape.

Illustration by Trista L. Thornberry-Ehrlich, Colorado State University.