Prince Royce performs in ~ the Untitled Supper society in Chicago ~ above April 7, 2015 for the En Vivo concert series.

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Crossover star in the make Prince Royce sat down with for candid interviews prior to his performances in ~ the launch of En Vivo ~ above April 3 at new York City’s Poisson Rouge and also April 7 at Chicago’s Untitled Supper Club.

Fans want to understand details, details and much more details about Royce’s upcoming English-language debut. We found out that following“Stuck top top a Feeling,”featuring Snoop Dogg, Royce will shortly release a brand-new single that he describes as uptempo and also "a perfect summer song." that will attribute a huge name, but mum’s the word on the for now. en Vivo gift Prince Royce in Chicago: view the Photos!

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Prince Royce

Royce mutual that the been functioning with several producers, consisting of Max Martin, and also that fans would certainly hear a“different”side of himself on his brand-new album, one that’s always been there, yet never had actually a possibility to be revealed.

Finally, Royce additionally dispelled any kind of notion the his bachata-singing job in Spanish could be over.“Never,”he said. In fact, he’s functioning on a new Spanish-language album also as the preps his English debut.

Prince Royce ~ above His very first English-Language Single: "It"s a Whole brand-new Swag"

And when Royce wouldn’t expose the location of his English-language debut just yet, the did agree to answer a barrage of questions. We found out he loves come play video games (Super smash Bros.

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is his current favorite), and 10 various other things we never knew about Royce before:

1.Boxers or briefs?"Boxer briefs."




4.Last supper? "Sancocho."

5.Spends too lot money on... "Clothes. Media always comments if ns wear the same thing twice."

6.First point he notices in a woman? "Her eyes."

7. Desert island album? "Michael Jackson’sThriller."

8.Most treasured possession? "Friends and also family."

9.Favorite superhero? "Batman. Because he’s human and has no superpowers."

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10.Favorite movie line?“Hasta la vista, baby!”

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By Leila Cobo
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