We can"t get enough of Misha Collins as Castiel on Supernatural. He"s the glue the holds the Winchesters together. There is no him, they"d more than likely be dead through now, don"t girlfriend think? of course, Collins is much an ext than simply our favorite television angel. The gibbs has had various various other roles ~ above television and also film. And also guess what? His real name isn"t also Misha Collins. It"s Dmitri Tippens Krushnic. Yeah, no wonder he changed it. It just doesn"t have actually the exact same ring come it. Collins is married to his high college sweetheart and he wake up to be full of surprises. It"s constantly fun to discover trivia around the stars us love. It renders them feel more human come us. We"ve picked out 15 that our favorite Misha Collins facts and also we bet an ext than a few will shock you.

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15 He"s A great Guy Through and Through


In reality, Misha Collins is far from being anything like the creepy serial killer he depicted in Karla (don"t worry, we"ll gain to the part). He actually started a charity dubbed "Random Acts." when disaster win in Haiti, in 2009, Collins made decision to employ the aid of his countless Twitter followers in an initiative to progressive money because that relief efforts. In total, end $30,000 was raised. The entirety fundraiser motivated him to create a charity the would emphasis on promoting similar "random acts of kindness." The charity has been true come its mission, once also providing shoes because that a son in require after his dad ended up being jobless. It"s such a pretty idea because that a charity, giving back in small amounts to civilization who are struggling, or who have actually been generosity to rather themselves.

14 the Wasn"t an alleged To it is in A actors Regular ~ above "SPN"


have the right to you believe it? Misha Collins wasn"t even an alleged to it is in a constant on SPN! Castiel was never meant come last more than a few episodes. Originally, he was slated to show up in three episodes that the hit tv series. The number conveniently moved increase to 6 episodes and also the much more he showed up on the show, the an ext episodes that was created in to. It appeared Collins" Castiel stole the hearts of fans and also showrunners alike. His character to be actually supposed to be killed off a couple of times, but each time he was re-written ago somehow. In fact, Collins played the angel with a gruff voice thinking he wouldn"t be approximately for lot longer. Due to the fact that he was scooped up together a collection regular, he had actually to save up the deep voice as he continued playing Castiel.

13 he Was as soon as Arrested


Yep, you review that right. Misha Collins was as soon as arrested. He"s common the story that his arrest v fans when attending a Supernatural convention. He was out late in ~ night and also decided top top the spur of the minute that he want to read a book he had carried along. Unfortunately, the forgot to carry a book-light with him, so he to be without an adequate light source to review his book. The noticed, no too far from him, a irradiate on height of a bank that seemed to it is in the perfect intensity because that reading. That stationed himself atop the bank and began to read. Likely a couple of pages right into the book, the police arrived and he heard a helicopter above. He to be cuffed and also arrested since it was thought he to be a financial institution robber trying come break into the building to rob the place. Thankfully, this minor mishap only got him one night in the slammer.

12 He"s A released Poet


Misha Collins is a poet, didn"t you know? Yep, he"s even regulated to obtain some that his poetry published. His poems have actually been published in several literary journals and also you can also find assorted videos the Collins digital where he"s reciting poetry. He clearly has a means with words. Writing impactful poetry is such a shed art; our favorite poets seem to speak right to our soul. It"s certainly true the words can have an affect on a person. Poetry is the perfect means to express oneself and get a deeper glimpse right into the mental of another. If you"re interested in exploring Collins" poetry, girlfriend can uncover some of that online. Girlfriend can uncover his poems titled "Baby Pants" and "Old Bones" via a fast Google search.

That"s right, Misha Collins has an lover web collection called Cooking Fast and also Fresh through West, where that cooks healthy home-cooked meals with his son, West. It"s for this reason cute to watch the 2 make a enjoy the meal together. Collins is clearly a great dad. The web series is his attempt to teach his son about healthy cooking and also eating. We think it"s essential for children to learn around a healthy lifestyle beforehand on. It"s vital for our youth to learn just how to cook and to learn about what"s healthy and also what"s better consumed in moderation. Food preparation with kids is a good way to present them the no food is bad, and that food preparation from scratch is a joyous thing. Even better is showing kids where your food come from.

10 He once Played A Canadian Serial Killer


The gibbs played infamous Canadian serial killer, Paul Bernardo in the 2006 movie Karla. He played the creepy role alongside Laura Prepon, that played Karla Homolka. The movie is based upon real events that took ar in Scarborough, Ontario, a suburb that Toronto, Canada. It"s no a an excellent movie by any means, and also the movie portrays Homolka very sympathetically, i beg your pardon is something some folks have been quick to criticize. Still, if you"re a Misha Collins fan, it"s one interesting sufficient movie come watch. It"s no for the pass out of heart and you can finish Karla feeling a little conflicted around your love because that Collins. That plays the evil killer quite convincingly. Actually, he"s creepy AF. Watching the in the role of Bernardo offered us the heebie-jeebies. Seriously.

9 he Interned in ~ The White residence (!?)


prior to he started getting super serious about his exhilaration career and before he played Castiel on Supernatural, Misha Collins actually obtained a opportunity to intern in ~ the White House. He did his internship in ~ the time when Bill Clinton remained in office. He to be looking towards a job in the politics sphere however the internship actually regulated to adjust his mind around his future. We"ve all been in this instance at one point or another. It"s enriching, and we obtain some life experience out the it, but it additionally helps us realize what us really want out of life. Sounds familiar, right? for a lot of us, figuring out what we want out that life is difficult. We deserve to only hope to have a similar experience choose Collins, the will help us put the pieces into place.

8 He to be Mugged throughout A "Supernatural" Convention


Yes, negative Misha Collins ran into some trouble while participating in a Supernatural convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2015. He was mugged and even physically assaulted during the incident. Pan were fast to respond on Twitter through well wishes because that the actor. He also had come cancel few of his plan appearances at the convention. He didn"t finish up with any serious injuries, however apparently, his face had seen better days. Ouch! It seems the criminal or criminals connected didn"t understand who Collins was. We"ll i think they weren"t Supernatural fans! who would desire to beat up bad angelic Castiel!? clear someone through a fatality wish. Perhaps it was some baddie from sky or one of Crowley"s cronies? one of two people way, we"re glad Collins is safe and sound.

7 He has actually Organized epos Scavenger Hunts


Misha Collins has actually organized part pretty epic scavenger hunts. Collins is the founder that GISHWHES (Greatest international Scavenger hunting the human being Has ever Seen). (We had no idea this was even a thing.) If that sounds awesome to you, you"re not alone. We"re with you - we love scavenger hunts! last year the hunt take it place between July and also August. Misha"s intention for the entirety thing to be to get human being outside of your bubbles; to obtain them come step exterior of their comfort zones. Several of the tasks contained for those signed increase were entirely insane, but it"s clear the the spirit of the occasion is lighthearted and fun. The seems choose a really fun occasion to take component in. Us hope GISHWHES return in 2017 so we can shot to step outside of our comfort zones, too!

6 He as soon as Paid ago A Debt solely In Coins


You can have paid ago some money friend owed just in coins, however we"re ready to bet the the money you fan didn"t full over $1,800... Misha Collins had a long-standing competition v Jared Padalecki top top Words v Friends, the well-known Scrabble-like word video game app. Apparently, Collins to be really bad at the game, which is strange considering he"s a poet, and he ended up fan Padalecki quite a sum of money. Over there wasn"t really any expectation of payment however there was a most teasing involved. Collins was great for it and to acquire the hassling to stop, he ended up paying Padalecki earlier entirely in coinage! That"s a totality lot of coins and also a good way to get someone to avoid bugging you around your debt!

Weird, right? There"s also a video clip of it. Misha Collins post the video clip to his YouTube channel (which you deserve to view above). In the eight-minute video, titled "Operation Stealth Nugget," Collins narrates and explains the mission that"s about to be undertaken. Collins, his wife, and also friends take it a tree from a woodland (killed due to a woodland fire) to ask it top top Hollywood boulevard—mind you, without the ideal permits. Therefore the Mission Impossible music. The tree is huge and it"s a wonder they weren"t stopped while "burying" it. The tree roots were put into a hole, extended with cement, and left standing. It was taken down 3 months later on which is a pretty long time considering just how ugly the looked. They adorned it v lanterns yet really, that did nothing to improve the aesthetic.

4 He"s Married to A Sex Historian


Misha Collins is married come his high institution sweetheart, i m sorry is the cutest point we"ve ever before heard. Us love as soon as two hearts satisfy at a young age and also seem to have uncovered their soulmate within every other. His wife, Victoria, likewise happens to be a sex historian. The couple has been married since 2002, and also we bet being wed to who who research studies the history of sex is nice interesting. Victoria has even written books on the subject of sex: The Threesome Handbook: A Practical overview to sleeping With Three and The Jet Sex: Airline Stewardesses and the do of an American Icon. Um, talk about fascinating stuff. The pair is nice private yet we"re ready to gambling they"ve gained a healthy sex life!

3 he Was really Bummed Out about The 2016 Election


Misha Collins to be super bummed about the outcomes of the 2016 election (I mean, wasn"t everyone?). The was certainly not pleased as soon as it to be revealed the Donald Trump had won the election and also was slated to come to be President that the joined States. That wasn"t the only dejected one, that course. The outcomes upset a many people and even shocked some. Collins to be so heartbroken by the results that he decide to write-up a video clip to his Facebook page to talk around his feelings surrounding the totality thing. In the video, his eyes actually start to well-up and also you deserve to tell just how deeply he"s affected. It"s not just a feeling of loss and also sadness, though. Collins end his video clip with indigenous of hope and also it"s clear his on purpose is no to provide up.

2 He started A GoFundMe to Buy Trump"s looking History


previously this year, Misha Collins managed to raise a hefty sum of money via a GoFundMe in one effort  to acquisition President Trump"s Internet browser history (we"re serious). The production of the fundraising campaign was in response to a Congress ruling on net privacy. The ruling stripped a many privacy from internet users. Why not shot and carry out the exact same to the president of the United says to prove a point? It"s not clear even if it is the GoFundMe funds will actually have the ability to be provided for their intended purpose, however it"s a clever method to do a point. One of two people way, it"s clear that the campaign has resonated with numerous people. Collins has managed to raise over $80-thousand from willing donors. If that can"t control to to buy Trump"s browsing history we have the right to at least hope that great things will be done with those funds.

1 He"s gained An Idea for An "SPN" Ending


We"ve also got one idea for an SPN ending! right here it goes...the ending is that it never ever ends! quite great, right? us envision watching Sam and Dean flourish old throughout the next umpteen seasons. Castiel would have to stay the same age, though. Hmmm...that might pose some problems. Listen, we"re just fans, but we deserve to dream. Misha Collins" idea for the show"s finishing isn"t much off native ours, though. He thinks the show should end on episode number 666. It"s fitting for a show about the supernatural and demons but wait...that"s a lengthy while from now. The would median that the display would end at season 30! Hey, Supernatural has actually come this far. We"re happy to store watching for years come come. Also if it"s simply to oggle at the handsome stars, Collins included.

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