About Kix Brooks

Born Leon Eric Brooks, the is one half of the nation duo Brooks & Dunn alongside his partner Ronnie Dunn. They had a collaboration that lasted because that twenty years, till 2010. In 2019, they to be selected because that the country Music hall of Fame.

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Kix Brooks prior to fame

He visited Louisiana tech University together a theatre arts major and functioned on one oil pipeline in Alaska one summer.

Achievement the Kix Brooks

He returned to a solo career in 2012 with the release of brand-new to This Town.

Kix Brooks family members life

His father propelled him come act top top his desires of gift a musician and he began his career as a employee songwriter in ~ Tree Publishing. He had a son named Eric through his mam Barbara, who he married in 1981.




We live in Nashville – a city full of entrepreneurs, and also growing more every day. V this unique mini-series of our hit Circle ago podcast, we are excited come hear from five celebrity entrepreneurs across music and also entertainment. In the first episode, we hear from Arrington Vineyards founder and also award-winning musician Kix Brooks, in conversation <…>...

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Country music star Kix Brooks" wife, Barbara, came right into his life prior to he do his way to Nashville! much more on the couple here......

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