On every delivery I’ve ever before sailed, there are always meeting announcements in the everyday schedule for miscellaneous groups, e.g. The Smith household reunion, bridge players, or proceeding education courses. End time, ns noticed that there to be a meeting announcement of “Friends of bill W.” ~ above every solitary sailing. That is this “Bill W.”? How have the right to he sail ~ above every ship and also have every these friends?

William “Bill W.” Wilson is the co-founder of Alcoholics cotton (AA) together with Dr. Bob Smith. Among the core tenets of AA is the anonymity that its members together a means of keeping ethics ahead of personalities. AA members always introduce themselves with simply their first name.

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When AA members started approaching cruise directors around holding meetings during the sailing and publicizing it in the ship’s announcements, the cruise lines to be hesitant. There was a are afraid that blatantly announcing one AA meeting could upset several of the guests. Consequently the euphemism “Friends of bill W.” began to it is in used.

These insider announcements have since expanded to include “Friends that Jimmy K.” and “Friends of Dorothy.” The “Jimmy K.” refers to James Kinnon who established Narcotics anonymous in 1953. NA to be patterned ~ above Alcoholics Anonymous, consisting of the same tenet the anonymity reflecting that no addict is over any other.

Friends the Dorothy was originally for happy men yet now includes Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and also Transgender (LGBT). But who to be Dorothy? that one has no clean answer. The expression “friends that Dorothy” dates ago to at least WWII together a method of discussing sexual orientation there is no outsiders knowing; particularly as homosexuality to be illegal and often persecuted. In Britain, the term was “friends the Mrs. King”, i.e. A “Queen”.

One popular explanation is the it refers to Dorothy indigenous the sorcerer’s of Oz. Dorothy was accepting of others who were “different” such as the Cowardly Lion who was forced to hide his actual identity and also live a lie. The Lion had a line in the movie declaring “We’re friend of Dorothy.”

Others claim it describes Dorthy Parker, the renowned critic and also humorist who often had gay men in she social circles.

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What impresses me around these announcements is how an imaginative cruise lines can be at accommodating the requirements of every passenger.