group 1: Alkali MetalsGroup 2: Alkaline earth Metals

Water is composed of 2 hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom. It exhibits polarity and is naturally uncovered in the liquid, solid, and also vapor states. The polarity provides it a an excellent solvent and also is generally known as the universal solvent. Because of its diversity on earth, it is crucial to keep in mind that that is associated in many barisalcity.orgical reactions. Many of this barisalcity.orgical reactions behave in patterns that deserve to be categorized making use of the routine table.

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Group 1: Alkali Metals

A common characteristic of most Alkali metals is their capacity to displace H2(g) from water. This is represented by their large, negative electrode potentials. In this event, the group 1 metal is oxidized come its steel ion and water is decreased to type hydrogen gas and also hydroxide ions. The basic reaction of an alkali metal (M) through H2O (l) is given in the following equation:

From this reaction that is apparent that OH- is produced, producing a basic or alkaline environment. Team 1 facets are called alkali metals due to the fact that of their capability to displace H2(g) native water and create a basic solution.

Alkali steels are likewise known to react violently and explosively v water. This is because enough warm is given off throughout the exothermic reaction come ignite the H2(g).



Figure (PageIndex1): Reactivity of Lithium (top), sodium (middle) and also potassium (bottom) metals and also water. (Free for Educational usage only, barisalcity.orglegin).

Alkali metal Hydrides and also Water

Similarly to the group 1 oxides, the hydrides that the group 1 elements react v water to type a straightforward solution. In this case, however, hydrogen gas is created with the metal hydroxide. The general reaction because that alkali steel hydrides and water is given below:

This reaction can be generalised to all alkali metal hydrides.

Group 2: Alkaline earth Metals

The bulk of Alkaline planet Metals additionally produce hydroxides when reacted v water. The hydroxides the calcium, strontium, and barium are only slightly soluble in water; however, enough hydroxide ions are produced to make a straightforward environment. The general reaction the calcium, strontium, and also barium through water is stood for below, whereby M represents calcium, strontium, or barium:

Magnesium (Mg) reacts with water vapor to type magnesium hydroxide and also hydrogen gas. Beryllium (Be) is the just alkaline planet metal the does no react with water. This is as result of its tiny size and also high ionization power in relationship to the other elements in the group.

Alkaline earth Metal Oxides and Water

Similarly come the alkali steel oxides, alkaline earth metal monoxides combine with water to type metal hydroxide salts (as depicted in the equation below). The exception to this general presumption is beryllium, whose oxide (BeO) does no react v water.

One that the most acquainted alkaline planet metal oxides is CaO or quicklime. This substance is often used to treat water and to eliminate harmful (SO_2(g)) from commercial smokestacks.

Group 14: Carbon Family

For the most part, team 14 facets do no react through water. One interesting an effect of this is that tin (Sn) is frequently sprayed as a protective class on iron cans to avoid the have the right to from corroding.

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