Copra describes sun-dried or smoked coconut “meat” or “flesh”, or the edible component of a coconut. For as lengthy as the industrialization of coconut, exhilaration or sun-dried coconut “meat” has been extracted to do a an extremely low-value commodity called copra.

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Since industrialization, each valuable fruit that nature man has discovered has been provided for different purposes in a selection of ways. Amongst them, coconut particularly has a really long background of usage in its natural and also processed form.

As a whole, the coconut comprises 4 parts:

The shell – the brown hairy-like shell we acknowledge the coconut byThe flesh – the edible component known as the coconut “meat”Coconut water–inside the coconut

For the most part, the coconut assets we use this day are derived from the coconut “meat”.

Products obtained from fresh coconut “meat” and also sun-dried coconut “meat” (copra) are provided for various purposes and also are of different qualities.

What is Copra provided For?

Copra is largely used to productivity coconut oil. However, the byproducts us are offered for additional purposes, largely as food for livestock.

For the coconut meat to end up being copra, it goes with a drying procedure over the food of a couple of days. ~ removing the shell, the coconut is damaged open, the coconut water is drained out, and also the coconut meat is left come dry. The copra can be do by sunlight drying, exhilaration drying, or kiln drying. Then, the drying procedure happens whereby the coconut palms grow. These areas are highly suitable for the process as they are hot and also humid in climate.

In today’s world, naturally growing coconut palms remain a an excellent source the copra. Yet the commercial plantations regime superior. Regardless of the source, once the copra is finally dry and also ready, that is transported to industrial oil mills because that processing.

The copra mills resemble street crushing mills, and the procedure itself continues to be very similar to that found in the street mills.


Copra-Produced Coconut Butter

The processing of the dried copra starts through cutting the copra pieces right into chunks. The chunks room then shredded with a press. By repeating the process, the shredded chunks ultimately transform right into a buttery consistency.

Coconut butter is widely used in countless circumstances today. It mainly acts together a replacement because that dairy products in baking and also raw foods. However it additionally finds its usage in the manufacturing of countless cosmetic commodities for its excellent moisturizing properties. Several of these assets include soaps, body scrubs, hair masks, shampoos, object creams, etc.

Copra-Produced Coconut Oil

The same process used to produce coconut butter is the very same to create oil. The procedure of copra sent through a press repeatedly extends to a allude where the oil becomes extracted native the butter. The oil native this procedure is supplied for cooking and for production several cosmetics products.

The coconut oil obtained from copra is smoky and can it is in rancid. To do the oil show up clear and odorless, manufacturers often use solid chemicals come bleach and clean the oil. This outcomes in a toxic and also harmful product. The procedure removes the organic compounds and also antioxidants that offer pure coconut oil its distinct flavor, aroma, and beneficial properties.

What is Copra Meal

After extract the oil from the copra, the leftover residue is dubbed copra meal or copra cake. This coconut rubbish is a beneficial byproduct, mostly used together food for livestock. Similar to many other varieties of residue, copra residue acts together cheap feed because that livestock.

The copra meal gives a resource of high-quality protein for horses, pigs, sheep, deer, and also fish, benefitting the pets in many ways. Because that example, copra is the primary product in horse feed together it is stated to improve their skin texture, human body conditions, and results in shiny skin and also horsehair. Copra also increases the expansion rate the pigs and poultry. For fish, wet copra meal is supplied as consistent feed.

Copra cake is around 18 – 25% protein. But, it contains so much dietary fiber the it can not be consumed in large quantities by humans.

Are Copra-Derived assets Safe?

Large commercial mills deliver dried copra to procedure CNO (Coconut Oil) for commodity markets. However, If the drying or transportation process takes also long, mold or bacterial development occurs, which leads to rancidity.

Sterilization indigenous commercial refinement offers noxious chemicals. High pressures eliminate nutritive antioxidants and other advantageous components the the coconut. This transforms a highly nutritious and also natural product right into something that lesser quality.

CNO deserve to be uncovered in many products where the is provided as coconut oil. This includes lotions, shampoo, conditioner, soaps and detergents, food preparation oil, and also medications because that abrasions, skin rashes, and also burns.

If girlfriend prefer staying clear of this lower-quality product, make certain you find commodities made v fair profession virgin or life coconut oil.


The journey of Copra

For valuable coconut commodities to come into our households in your familiar form and in fancy packaging together a ready-to-use product, they pass a really long and interesting journey. Many of the coconut-derived commodities we usage come directly from copra. It is a cheaper source for the production of coconut-based goods.

Coconuts grow on coconut palm trees v an approximate elevation of 60 to 80 feet. The biggest and most plentiful amount of wild coconuts are uncovered in remote villages scattered throughout Asia and also the Pacific. Advertising plantations additionally grow coconut tree for huge amounts that copra. Villagers and coconut farmers an initial gather coconuts that have actually fallen ~ above the ground. Then, they rise on the peak of the palm tree to harvest more coconuts. They placed them in handmade sacks lugged on their backs and transport them come the sun-exposed spot for drying.

They crack open up each of the coconuts, and also by making use of primitive tools, take the kernel out to dry. The coconut meat is typically dried ~ above a rack exposed come the sun or over a fire (copra smokers), which helps speed up the drying procedure of the coconut “meat”.


From Tree come Mill

Sometimes, that takes several months before the villagers can gain their bags of acting copra to the district facility that has actually a harbor and also copra traders/buyers. The final point of their distribution (the mills) is usually positioned miles away from their village. After drying, the copra is stuffed into improvised sacks. This sacks weigh approximately 170 pounds and also are transported on the ago or by canoe if over there is no road accessible to the nearest harbor that has a copra trader/buyer. The sacks are weighed and then heaved right into the vessel’s host (a an overwhelming job done by the copra suppliers themselves) come be handled to one export port.

The work of harvest coconuts and also making copra is daunting and labor-intensive, mostly limited to men. It is a time-consuming, lonely, and low-paying job that requires you to acquire your hands dirty. The is arduous for both villagers and also farmers. Many of them consider it a kind of slavery.

With the continuous fluctuation of copra prices, villagers commonly decide to harvest coconuts only as soon as prices room high enough. If they decide to put in the initiative to perform so, the is usually since they desperately require money. For many remote islands and villages with plenty of coconut palm trees, copra is tho a risky venture due to the fact that of the unreliability the the prices and infrequency the shipping services. This have the right to leave them emotion hopeless and living in too much poverty.

Ethics the Copra?

The unethical manufacturing doesn’t finish with the questionable copra-deriving procedure and the abuse of human being resources. The unhygienic drying, the humid and tropical conditions, and also bulk shipping on lengthy distances an outcome in diminished quality that the product, development of mold ~ above the copra, and also carcinogenic contamination.

Solvents and vapor are provided to piece out the contamination. The products derived from the copra such together coconut oil and also butter have to be refined through bleaching and also deodorizing, a process that removes the natural volatiles and also antioxidants indigenous the product. Overall, the total procedure from farm to polished product is severely questionable and unethical.

KINABUHI: Kapuluan’s Documentary quick Film


The idyllic coconut palm setup may be extraordinary, but the industrialization of this splendid “tree that life” has a troubled history, responsible because that over 60 percent of the Filipino coconut farming ar living in extreme poverty. Your existence creating copra at the terminal finish of the coconut distribution chain frequently leaves entire neighborhoods hopeless.

Our score is to boost the wellbeing that impoverished coconut farming areas through the manufacturing of the ideal quality handmade coconut oil.We strive to contribute to the long term success and wellness the the Philippines. Check out Kapuluan’s quick documentary film, “Kinabuhi” to check out what this farmers go with (available below).

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By planting brand-new coconut palms, we aid coconut farmer rebound from the destruction of typhoons and increase the Philippines’ high potential come mitigate global warming, particularly carbon emissions. We aim to show the prominence of buying fair trade products made using sustainable sources and also ethical manufacturing practices.