Are girlfriend a genuine Colleen Ballinger fan? have actually you ever before dreamed the speaking with her? This could appear an overwhelming but if you great to call her simply keep reading.

Colleen Ballinger 2021

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NAME: Colleen BallingerPROFESSION: YouTube StarAGE: 34 year oldBIRTHDAY: November 21, 1986BIRTHPLACE: Santa Barbara, CABIRTH SIGN: Scorpio

Who is Colleen Ballinger?

Colleen Ballinger is a 34 years old well known Youtube star. He to be born in Santa Barbara, CA top top November 21, 1986. Comedienne and also actress who YouTube videos about the talentless personality Miranda Sings have actually racked up over 2 billion views on the Miranda Sings channel. Her PsychoSoprano vlogging channel has additionally gained much more than 700 million views. In 2016, she started starring together Miranda in the Netflix original series Haters ago Off.

She to be married to other YouTuber Joshua David Evans from 2015 until 2016. In 2018, she married Erik Stocklin, with whom she has a kid named Flynn. She has actually two brothers, Christopher and Trent, and a sister called Rachel. She parents are called Tim and Gwen. 

she cover that Katy Perry’s “California Gurls,” which she deliberately sang horribly off key, was one of her first videos to go viral. Posted on YouTube in June 2010, the garnered end 4.5 million views. 

Colleen Ballinger ranking 36th in the ranking the compiles the most desired contact phone numbers. She’s one of the most well known Youtube stars at the period of 34, through countless pan worldwide.

What is Colleen Ballinger’s actual phone number?

It’s tough to obtain Colleen Ballinger’s phone number, yet not for us. Ours team has actually received a many fans demanding the actual phone number of Colleen Ballinger. Our team is consisted of of reporters with numerous years of experience and an extensive network the contacts.

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Another ways to gain in contact with Colleen Ballinger


Instagram is just one of the most efficient ways to call Colleen Ballinger provided that she actually handles she account. In numerous cases, celebs may disable personal messages, however you quiet don’t shed anything by attempting to send her a direct message. Girlfriend can discuss her pictures provided that girlfriend never ever know as soon as she will answer you.

Also, put a tag v the celeb’s name on the pictures you publish, or make use of the exact same tags that Colleen Ballinger uses. She security time top top Instagram speaking with her pendant regardless that she is a really busy person and, us truly admire she for act that.


You have the right to use Twitter to connect with Colleen Ballinger. To perform this you have to compose a tweet in which you include the name of she account, preceded by the
symbol. Also, use the tags that are on regular basis utilized by Colleen Ballinger. This will sell her a greater possibility to check out what you’re publishing.


You might like her on facebook page. ~ doing so, you deserve to write ~ above her on facebook timeline and additionally send her personal messages.

Oftentimes, celebs disable private messages with this platform, however many times, you will be able to communicate through her quiet by posting on she wall. If you can send she a private message, do so by contacting her through a friendly and also polite demand. If your post is personal, you might have a better possibility of gift contacted.

Most beneficial user reviews

I attempted to call Colleen Ballinger in a many of many different means without any type of effect. Fortunately, right here I uncovered a genuine phone number. I might send the end an SMS come her, and she answered to me!


In the beginning, ns was hesitant around this, but later ns realized the the number worked. Ns was surprised! say thanks to you!


I am the best fan that Colleen Ballinger, yet I have actually never talked with her. Now I had actually the opportunity to perform it. I spoke through her on the phone for virtually 30 minutes. Desires come true!

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I was able to get Colleen Ballinger’s call number. Ns swear ns really couldn’t explain how ns felt once we speak for more than 30 minutes. Ns was crying the end literally the end of happiness! I’m never ever before going come forget that wonderful experience.