Have you ever before seen the automatically stirrer crock pot feature and also wondered if the is precious it? We have tested it the end for months and also have some insight for you.

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Cris here.

Mikey (the hubs) always tells human being that mine crock pot repertoire is like Iron Man’s workshop– I have slow cookers of every shapes and also sizes and features. We have tried crock pots the stir themselves, brown meat front of time, have actually oven friendly crocks, promise no to burn food, chef on your stove top and also more!

Given that we run a site about slow cooking (and my obsession with new features) — when I watch a new feature top top a crock pot, I have to shot it. So, normally when I observed that there were crock pots out there the could instantly stir themselves, i was sooo walking to try that and try it ns did! I have actually stirred up every little thing from our famous Crock Pot Taco Soup to the many ah-mazing hot chocolateever.


Automatic Stirrer Crock Pot Feature: Is it worth It?

Do I choose the feature?


I love being able to set my soups up v this sluggish cooker and also let it walk on auto-pilot.I love the it comes through two various paddles– depending on what you must stir.I love that you deserve to remove the stirring unit totally if you don’t want it to stir.I love that you deserve to stir anytime without removing the lid by the press of a button– and also that it instantly stirs every 2 hours.I love the the plug allows you plug the stirring unit right into the same plug therefore you only use one place on her outlet.

Is there anything Ididn’t like?


I’m no in love with just how the stirring lid fits on the peak of the unit. Mine unit may have had actually a defective lid yet the clips pop off every the time. This doesnot influence the capability to stir at all– no one does it influence any food preparation performance, greatly it just bugs me. If there are clips, they should stay closed as soon as they have been closed.The stirring activity does not scrape the sides. This isn’t a real vast issue, but I think it is something folks should know before purchasing. It is an excellent at stirring up spices in most any type of recipe, but it will not it is in a solution forstubborn recipesthat often tend to burn on the sides if not had tendency to top top a continual basis.

So, is it precious purchasing a new slow cooker?


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I execute feel this slow-moving cooker really enhances flavor combine while slow cooking. Therefore if you have a recipe the you’d love to be able to stir much more throughout the day, THIS is the slow cooker for you.Because this sluggish cooker likewise lets you eliminate stirring unit, the is a goodoption as a general programmable slow-moving cooker together well.I to be not sure I would certainly make this my primary slow cooker (because I have so countless favorites), however, together a component of a arsenal it is definitely a nice choice to have on the shelf.

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