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640">Amy Reid’s last day through the ‘Surrey Now-Leader’ to be Monday, Nov. 23. (File photo)


REID: My enthusiasm for helping the vulnerable continues – just not through ‘Surrey Now-Leader’

Some the the happiest and most fulfilling memories have been through this newspaper and this team

Nov. 26, 2020 9:49 a.m.


I’ve been staring in ~ a blank record for about five minutes, and also for maybe the first time mine life, I’m recognize it challenging to muster up the right words.

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How perform I summarize and express sufficient gratitude because that the last 10-plus year of my life the were invested reporting ~ above the city I grew up in? native escape me, due to the fact that I truly think this city has helped me much more than I ever before could aid it.

I’ve seen joy, tragedy and everything in in between in this role and ns wouldn’t readjust a second of it.

It’s in this newsroom that I grew into the writer and also woman ns am today, and also I’m endlessly thankful because that the experiences I’ve had actually as a journalist here as well as the world who have actually trusted me through their stories. In doing so, they’ve taught me around life, about resilience, and also perhaps most importantly, around compassion.

Entering journalism together a fresh-faced 20-something 11 years ago, I had actually passion: I have actually truly considered this project a calling and a responsibility from job One.

This has actually been therefore much much more than a job. Ns woke up, spent my days, and went come sleep thinking about this job, the story I planned to tell, and also the world who entrusted me v their own.

From the start I’ve constantly strived to offer a voice to those who couldn’t speak increase on their own.

Quickly in my job I arisen a niche for myself in this newsroom: Homelessness and addiction to be a topic I naturally gravitated toward.

I don’t believe I was ever assigned a story in this realm. Ns sought lock out, and I sought hard.

I suppose, if i ask myself why, the answer is that I thrived up in Surrey in a single-parent home, both witnessed and also experienced abuse at much too young one age, and also have always thought it to be sheer happy that ns didn’t finish up worse turn off in life.

I’ve always taken time to acquire to know, respect and also give dignity to each and every marginalized person I met along my course as a journalist. After ~ all, I recognized how conveniently that can have to be me.

I functioned hard in ~ the metaphoric walls of this newsroom to tell the stories I have. And also I was extraordinarily lucky enough to have an editor who offered me the flexibility to execute it.

Last day. Every the feels.

I’m sure gonna miss this place. And also you guys. Many thanks for being dorks v me one last time.
amyreid87) November 23, 2020

It’s this passion for help those who space suffering the will continue to journey my job path, just from a various role. It’s one that ns hope will certainly be same impactful.

I start this week as the Fund advance and interactions Manager because that the long-standing and also well-respected Phoenix culture that helps people change their stays through drug and also alcohol recovery.

Although I’m simply as eager to step into this brand-new role as I was journalism all those years ago, leaving my duty as a reporter was very hard choice. For the far better part of mine adult life it’s to be a massive component of mine identity.

I truly hope each and also every one of our reader know exactly how thankful and blessed I consider myself to be having had actually this career. To tell your stories. To share the successes. To it is in there during the tragedy. To aid you voice her calls for change. To shine light on injustices.

And, I would certainly be remiss come conclude this obelisk without thanking mine editor, Beau Simpson. It was you who provided me the chance as a young and also green reporter (we both know you had many much more qualified candidates to select from at the time).

It to be you who mentored me and helped mould me right into the writer and also journalist I have become. I will certainly be eternally thankful for the assistance you and also this company has noted me through over the last te – and for putting up v my regularly feisty demeanour in my quest of stories.

Some the the happiest and also most fulfilling memories of my life have actually been with this newspaper and this team, one that has actually truly concerned feel like family to me.

So, if Amy Reid the journalist says goodbye, ns won’t it is in gone.

I will continue to effort to make this city a better place by make the efforts to aid those who space struggling, simply from a various role, native a brand-new lens.

They say a society is judged by how they treat their most vulnerable. My life’s score will constantly be to try to make ours simply a tiny bit better, because we have actually a long means to go.

Until following time, Surrey.

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Amy Reid has been a staff writer for the Now-Leader for an ext than a decade. She last day was Monday (Nov.23).