Summer is our favorite time because it ushers in various fresh create every week at Dane county farmers industry in Madison and the last weekend we were may be to find some Amaranth.

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What is Amaranth

Amaranth is likewise a produce that one rarely finds in ~ supermarkets and likewise find at the farmers industry for a an extremely short duration. The seeds are well known and used in assorted cooking and in india castle are called rajgira. The leaves have the right to be of miscellaneous sub varieties and in india you gain ones which are vibrantly violet all around and called lal maath (i probably wrong here due to the fact that there are not constantly direct translations of below genus the Indian names right into American produce). The Amaranth we uncovered was of the tri-color selection with lover greens with red and purple patches.They are also called tandlja or even just rajgira plant.


These irpari saute’s taste far better with the Indian soft flatbread referred to as chapati fairly than tandoori bread prefer naan.

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The chapati is lot thinner and softer and enables to get much more flavor of the greens in a bite. If chapatis room not accessible you could constantly use naan or pair this with some lover jasmine rice in a bowl through a selection of these on the sides.

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