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Of Mice and also Men (1939) public still. Betty field (Mae) and also Bob Steele (Curley).

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Bindle:A bag, sack, or moving device.

Bindle Stiff:Hobo; transient who carries his belongings in a sack.

Bunk House:A resting quarters to plan for use by many people.

Talcum Powder: Very similar in texture to baby powder, talcum powder was used greatly after bathing or shaving.

Apple Box:A box supplied for warehouse or as a stepstool qualified of holding a person"s weight.

Scourges:A prevalent affliction, one epidemic illness or the an effect of some herbal disaster, likke fire, flood, or a hike of locusts..

Pants Rabbits:A sexually sent disease, recognized as pubic lice.

Graybacks:The equivalent of ticks or lice.

Liniment:A topical cream for the skin that helps with pain or rashes.

Jerkline Skinner:Lead driver that a team of mules

Stable Buck:A derogatory name for an African-American male who functions in the stables.

Stetson Hat:A renowned brand of hats, particularly cowboy hats.


Swamper:A basic assistant; handyman.

Murrayand Ready:An employed agency, specializing in farm work.

Work Slips:Proof that human being had been hired to do a job.

Cultivator: A farming tool used to stir and also soften the soil either prior to or after ~ planting.

Cesspool:A well or pit filled v drainage or sewage.

Slough:A muddy or marshy area.

Tart:A woman who tempts guys or who is sexually promiscuous.

Buck Barley:To throw large bags the barley ~ above a truck.

Lynch:To illegal execute a person, generally applied to the hanging and/or burning of African-Americans in the south.

Slug of Whiskey:Equivalent to a hipflask that whiskey.

Gut Ache:A stomach ache.

Airedale:A kind of dog, specifically Terrier.

Pulp Magazine:During the 1920s-1950s, inexpensive fiction magazines. Native 1950 on, the term additionally came to represent mass market paperbacks.

Luger:The Luger pistol was an expensive, high maintain weapon manufactured and used mainly in the German army.


Euchre:A card video game played in England, Canada, and some components of the U.S.

Two Bits:Twenty-Five cents.

Rag Rug:Rugs created from rags the were tied together by knots.

Kewpie Doll:A details style of doll, one that was usually won at carnivals.

Phonograph:The an initial device for recording and also playing sound, many specifically music.

Parlor House:Could be considered a restaurant, but much more often parlor homes were brothels.

Hutches:A form of furniture, very comparable to a wardrobe.

Welter:A boxer (refers come welterweight, a weight class in boxing).

Nail keg:A wood barrel that could usually organize 100 pounds or more inside.

Russian Hill:Affluent residential community in mountain Francisco, California.

Travels with a Donkey:Travels through a donkey in the Cevennes(1879), among Robert louis Stevenson"s earliest published works.

Varro:Marcus Terentius Varro (116-29 B.C.E.),Roman scholar/author and horticulturist.

Velasquez"sCardinal: Seventeenth-century painting by Spanish painterDiego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez.

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Zane Grey:American adventure novelist (1872-1939).

Setting| character Census| Plot Synopsis| an essential ReceptionCultural references | an essential Terms and also Concepts