These room the 10 finest intermediate cellos & cello brand on the industry today for every budgets. Find the best instrument for you in this guide.

After a few years of cello playing and also having the basics down, you can be looking for the best intermediate cello. It have the right to be tricky to uncover the finest cello come buy because that intermediate players, and finding one the meets your expectations is a big task.

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I’ve been play the cello for more than 20 years and teaching for more than 10. I recognize that the sound and also playability make a great intermediate cello.

Quick Look: 10 best Intermediate Cellos

★ #1 finest Intermediate Cello Overall: D Z Strad 600 ★

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Whether you’re one acoustic player, an electrical player, or both, here’s a choice of the finest intermediate cellos ~ above the market.

What Is an intermediate Cello?

An intermediary cello is an instrument to buy when you’re more familiar with the basics of playing the cello. V a bit more experience, girlfriend should have a far better idea the what you’re searching for from an intermediary cello in regards to sound and quality.


Just favor beginner cellos, intermediate cellos should keep friend inspired and motivated. Lock should therefore have an excellent playability, sound, and also quality.

Types of intermediate Cellos

These space the most common varieties of intermediate cellos available on the market. Acoustic cellos are the many typical, however you deserve to find great electric intermediary cellos too.

Acoustic intermediate Cello

Made from organic woods, one acoustic cello has actually a beautiful tone and also is the most timeless cello. Intermediary acoustic cellos have far better quality wood and an ext attention to information than beginner instruments, offering them a richer sound.

Electric intermediate Cello

More that a modern phenomenon, electric cellos have great playability. Over there are number of that fit into the intermediary cello category. Electrical cellos give you the capacity to plug into an amplifier or to exercise silently through headphones.

Acoustic-Electric intermediary Cello

As the surname suggests, this cello provides you the advantage of a timeless sound, when also permitting you to amplify her cello. There aren’t numerous of this on the market, and because they’re a hybrid instrument they execute come v compromises.

Things to consider When picking an intermediate Cello

Just choose with beginner cellos and also professional cellos, the many important factors for choosing the finest intermediate cello space sound, quality, and also playability. Beauty and also budget room other necessary things to think about.


Intermediate cellos room usually full-sized, however some models cater come cellists of all ages and sizes. Cellos have the right to come in spring sizes: 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, and 4/4 (full size).

Most adults play a full-sized cello, although a 7/8 size is periodically preferable. Use the adhering to for younger beginners:

3-5 years: 1/16 or 1/8 size5-7 years: 1/4 size7-11 years: 1/2 size11-15 years: 3/4 size15+ years: 7/8 or 4/4 size

The overall Tone & Sound

The most essential factor when choosing the finest intermediate cello is the sound, and all cellos have actually their own distinctive tone. Her cello should have actually a beautiful sound that’s rich and also warm. It must ring evenly across all 4 strings.


Intermediate cellos room a action up in price indigenous beginner cellos, yet it mirrors in their sound and quality. You deserve to expect a price range from about $1,500 to about $6,000.


Intermediate cellos room made by luthiers indigenous fine selections of wood. Every cello has actually its own beauty and this deserve to be very subjective. Many people prefer one antique, aged look to the timber of your cello.

Electric cellos come in all kinds of amazing designs and also colors to fit your an individual style.

10 finest Intermediate Cellos

The complying with is a perform of the 10 finest intermediate cellos. You’ll find a choice of acoustic and electric instruments here, through the main focus always being top top sound, quality, and also playability.

1. D Z Strad version 600

Available sizes: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4Strings: Spirocore and LarsenWhat’s included: Cello, bow, case, strings, rosinMaterial & finish: Selected flamed maple and also spruce, neck varnish finishBest for: Intermediate cellists

The D Z Strad model 600 cello indigenous D Z Strad is a beautiful antique version with an even, warm, and also round tone. With an outfit package including a high quality bow, this is a an excellent intermediate cello.

Why i Recommend It

This is the best cello for intermediate players since of its great sound. Since of its clear tone and projection, it’s additionally one the the finest concert cellos for intermediate players. This cello will watch you through many years that cello playing.


2. Maple sheet Strings master Lucienne

Available sizes: 4/4Strings: Superior stringsWhat’s included: Cello, security caseMaterial & finish: Aged maple and also spruce, heat varnish finishBest for: Intermediate and also beginner players

Maple leaf Strings provides this beautiful Maple leaf Strings grasp Lucienne cello, which has actually been individually handcrafted by your luthier master Lucienne. With aged would and also fine craftsmanship, this cello has a deep and clear tone.

Why ns Recommend It

This is a great cello because that intermediate football player or even for beginners who desire to invest a bit an ext in a quality cello. I always recommend instruments like this one that have been handcrafted through an individual luthier.


3. Andreas Eastman VC405

Available sizes: 7/8, 4/4Strings: Larsen and also SpirocoreWhat’s included: Cello, carbon fiber bow, soft case, rosinMaterial & finish: European or Chinese maple and spruce, antique soul varnishBest for: Intermediate or beginning of the person players

Andreas Eastman knows around cellos, and also the Andreas Eastman VC405 series are crafted using classic materials and also techniques. This cello is obtainable on its very own or in an outfit package, i m sorry is a great setup for both starting person or intermediate players.

Why ns Recommend It

For someone a little smaller 보다 average, a full-sized cello deserve to sometimes be challenging to obtain around. This cello is my reference for a smaller adult cellist, together it’s available in a rare 7/8 size.


4. Scherl & Roth Hand do Galliard

Available sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 4/4Strings: PreludeWhat’s included: Cello, carbon fiber bow, soft case, rosinMaterial & finish: European maple and also spruce, hybrid lacquer/spirit varnishBest for: Young intermediary or beginning of the person players

Scherl & Roth walk a great job in ~ catering to lower budgets, and this intermediate-level cello is no exception. V an outfit package, the Scherl & Roth Hand crafted Galliard cello is an excellent for beginner players or intermediate football player on a budget.

Why ns Recommend It

For an intermediary cellist looking for an outfit package at a short price, this is a great option. This cello is also a an excellent pick for younger cellists, as it come in a an excellent size range.


5. Strobel MC-500 Recital Series

Available sizes: 4/4Strings: Thomastik DominantWhat’s included: Cello, pernambuco bow, carbon fiber hard caseMaterial & finish: Highly flamed maple and spruce, antique soul varnish finishBest for: Intermediate players looking for a quality outfit package

Strobel has a range of cellos that caters come all play levels, and also their best intermediate cello is the Strobel MC-500 Recital Series. Through a strong tone and also quality strings and case, this is a terrific cello and outfit package.

Why ns Recommend It

From all of the intermediary cellos, this is the one through the ideal outfit package. This cello comes through a carbon fiber hard case and also quality strings. It’s my recommendation if you’re spring to upgrade your whole setup.


6. Fiddlerman understand Cello

Available sizes: 3/4, 4/4Strings: D’Addario Helicore or customWhat’s included: Cello, Holstein bow, composite tough caseMaterial & finish: Maple and also spruce, dark-brown oil varnish finishBest for: Intermediate football player on a budget

Fiddlerman has actually partnered up v through this intermediary cello of Fiddlerman understand Cello, offering a short price and a life time warranty and adjustments.

Why i Recommend It

This is a cello for an intermediate player on a budget. It supplies a complete setup and a lifetime warranty, i m sorry is great for any kind of cellist.


7. Fiddlerman Artist Cello

Available Sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 4/4Strings: D’Addario HelicoreWhat’s included: Cello, tough canvas cello cover, carbon fiber bow, Holstein rosinMaterial & finish: Antiqued spruce and maple wood, spirit varnish finishBest for: Beginners and also intermediate football player on a budget

The Fiddlerman Artist Cello is a budget intermediate cello through a warm and also dynamic tone. It come in an outfit parcel that includes a bow and also rosin because that a basic setup.

Why ns Recommend It

This is the finest cheap intermediate cello ~ above the list, but it absolutely doesn’t absence in quality. If you’re top top a tight budget, this could be the intermediary cello because that you.


8. Ren Wei Shi design 8000

Available sizes: 4/4Strings: D’AddarioWhat’s included: Just the celloMaterial & finish: Maple and spruce, neck varnish finishBest for: Intermediate football player on a budget

Ren Wei Shi advertises this cello as great choice because that the progressing student. The Ren Wei Shi version 8000 cello has actually a rapid response, a clear sound, and it come alone (without an outfit package).

Why i Recommend It

Ren Wei Shi is a fantastic violin, viola, and also cello maker, and this cello is beautifully made. It has a clean sound that’s hard to be beaten by various other cellos in the price category.


9. NS design NXTa active Series

Available sizes: 4/4Strings: NS DesignWhat’s included: Electric cello, soft caseMaterial & finish: Solid wood, available in two colors: sunburst or hard blackBest for: Intermediate players looking for an electric cello

NS style is one of the ideal brands that produce electric cellos. The NS architecture NXTa Active series cello is easily accessible in two striking colors and comes in both four string and also five string models.

Why ns Recommend It

As far as electrical cellos go, this one is almost unbeatable because that its sound. It come the closest come sounding prefer an acoustic cello, v the included benefits that amplification and also silent playing v headphones.


10. Glasser Carbon Composite Cello

Available sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 4/4Strings: LarsenWhat’s included: Cello, winter bag, carbon fiber bow, rosin, sprucing up clothMaterial & finish: Carbon fiber compositeBest for: Intermediate players that travel and play in excessive weather conditions

Glasser is a brand supplying carbon fiber instruments for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. The Glasser Carbon Composite Cello is an acoustic-electric model, do it durable for every climates and settings.

Why ns Recommend It

This is the just cello obtainable that deserve to be played acoustically or electrically if withstanding extreme conditions. For outdoor concerts and also frequent on-the-road travel, this is a fantastic cello to go with.


Best intermediary Cello Brands

When looking for an intermediary cello, it’s crucial to look for brands offering tools that room made by individual luthiers in their workshops.


This will ensure your instrument is high quality and also had a fine fist to detail.

D Z Strad

D Z Strad is one of America’s leading workshops, giving a line of cellos indigenous beginner to expert levels. All of their cellos have actually a an excellent quality that sound and are carved in a beautiful and also traditional way.

Ren Wei Shi

Ren Wei Shi studied at the Chicago college of Violin Making and has created his very own brand of quality violins, violas, and also cellos. His cellos room suited because that beginner to intermediary students and also are beautiful handcrafted.


Strobel Strings supplies multiple levels of cellos, all of which room outlined clearly on your website. They’re devoted to help students discover the ideal instruments for your musical development.

Scherl and Roth

Scherl & Roth is a brand that started in Germany and also moved to America in the 1920s. It’s one of the finest cello brands for intermediate students, supplying a fantastic selection that beginner and intermediate cellos.

Andreas Eastman

Eastman cellos room made using timeless techniques indigenous the 19th century. They’re known for your fine craftsmanship, and their instruments are do from the finest selections the wood.

Maple leaf Strings

Maple sheet Strings is a brand the produces a wide selection of cellos that are suited for every levels. Many of your cellos are offered at great prices and also are perfect for intermediary cellists.


Fiddlerman is a workshop based in Florida. Their cellos are made v attention to detail, and the company has a partnership with, giving warranties and totally free adjustments.

NS Design

NS style is a company founded in 1990 that produces electric cellos. Their cellos have solid wooden bodies and also state-of-the-art technology, making them a world-leading electric instrument company.


Glasser is a brand specializing in instruments made indigenous carbon fiber. Most of their cellos space acoustic-electric tools that space made come withstand too much conditions. They’re perfect for any kind of intermediate cellist.

Intermediate Cello Aesthetics and Material

Acoustic intermediary cellos room made native quality, personally selected and also aged spruce and also maple wood. Electrical cellos space made from either solid lumber or carbon fiber and also have distinct custom aesthetics.


The finest intermediate cellos room made from high-quality wood. The optimal is do from spruce (for the sound projection), the human body is make from maple (for its beauty), and also the fingerboard and fittings room made native ebony or rosewood (for its durability).


Good intermediate cellos room made with high-quality, natural materials. Over there are plenty of varnishes that luthiers use to enhance the beauty and sound that the cello, such as special antique or soul varnishes.


Intermediate cellos mostly have actually a beautiful herbal wood look, which deserve to vary depending on the age of the timber or the shade of the varnish. Electrical intermediate cellos are much more unique through custom designs and colors.

The Bow

Bows because that intermediate cellos space made from either lumber or carbon fiber. The weight and also balance the the bow are extremely necessary for lull of playing and for creating a beautiful sound.

Buying new vs Used

You can uncover the finest intermediate cellos both new and used.

Aged wood deserve to do marvels for the sound of one instrument, and also many of the finest cellos are pre-loved. There are plenty of great new cellos available on the market, and you deserve to be certain that you’re purchase an tool in its finest condition by to buy new.

What’s in the intermediate Cello Box?

Unlike beginning of the person cellos, many intermediate cellos don’t come in substantial outfit packages. Her intermediate cello will often encompass these basic add-ons:


Your intermediary cello will usually be set up and ready to play, although part cellos carry out come without their strings or bridge attached — ask your teacher or skilled to help with this.

Cello Bow

Cello bows consisted of in outfit packages space usually of short quality but can be offered as a back-up bow. They’re usually made native wood, yet some brands offer carbon fiber bows.


Most intermediary cellos come in soft padded cases, i beg your pardon should at some point be replaced by a an ext protective difficult case. Some cellos do come v carbon fiber tough cases.


If girlfriend don’t have whatever you require for playing the cello, here are some crucial accessories to aid you gain going.

BowRosinExtra strings (Strings occasionally snap and also it’s great to have a set of spares.)Case (I extremely recommend a hard case to defend your cello.)End pin stopperMusic standTunerMetronomeString towel (for keeping your cello in an excellent nick)Mute (Hotel mutes are advantageous for silent practice.)

Intermediate Cello brand to Avoid

In general, it’s good to stay away from intermediary cellos under $1,500, together they’re most likely not fit because that an intermediary player.


Frequently asked Questions:

Here room some answer to typically asked questions.

How lot Do intermediary Cellos Cost?

Intermediate cellos will price you anywhere in between $1,500 and also $6,000. The price go generally present in the top quality of sound, so keep that in mind.

What room the finest Intermediate Cellos?

These are three of the finest intermediate cellos, each for their own distinct reasons.

D Z Strad model 600: best Overall

In regards to quality and also sound, this is by much the best intermediate cello. It does come through a steep price tag, though.

Andreas Eastman VC405: Best little Cello

With an excellent quality and also a beautiful sound, this cello is the finest for its distinctive size range. Available in a 7/8 size, it’s exceptionally popular for smaller intermediate adult cellists.

Glasser Carbon Composite Cello: finest for Versatility

This is the finest intermediate cello for playing in all kinds the conditions. Do of carbon fiber and also unlike its wood counterparts, it have the right to withstand turbulent wear, as well as extreme climate changes.

Where are the finest Intermediate Cellos Made?

The ideal intermediate cellos are usually do in luthier workshops in Europe, America, and Asia.

What Is the ideal Sounding intermediary Cello?

The D Z Strad 600 is the ideal sounding intermediate cello.

Where to Buy intermediate Cellos

You can look virtual to find an excellent cellos because that intermediate players, and also there space some an excellent deals out there. If you have the right to go in-store, you’ll obtain the advantage of trying various cellos and testing them versus each other.

Amazon provides several the the finest cello brands because that intermediate players, and also you can read reviews from vault customers. You can likewise return your cello for your money back if you aren’t happy through it.

Online Music Retailers

Some virtual stores such as and have great intermediate cello options, and also some of the best cheap cellos for intermediate players.

Your regional Music Store

If friend can enter your neighborhood music store, i recommend it. Girlfriend can shot different cellos and also hear exactly how they every sound various from every other. Make sure you love the sound and feel of your cello — every string must be simple to play.

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In Conclusion

Above all, mental to emphasis on the sound and also comfort of play when picking your intermediate cello. You should be happy with the instrument you choose — it will certainly be through you for years to come.

There space so many great intermediate cellos to select from, and if you emphasis on what’s crucial to you (whether it it is in budget, aesthetic, sound, or quality), you’ll be sure to discover the perfect instrument.

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Feel complimentary to leave any kind of comments around intermediate cellos below and share this write-up with friends and family that might also be top top the lookout because that the ideal intermediate cello.