It means they have had a spill and also need a mop,bucket and also an associate to clean it up. Password 3 in houseware is provided for pranks. Heh heh heh....

Actually, below is a list of Walmart codes (I occupational at one, heh)

Code ADAM - us all know, is because that a missing child

Code Blue - bomb

Code Red - Fire

Code Orange - chemical Spill

Code black color - weather warning

Code environment-friendly - Hostage Situation

Code C - Customer organization (I was right!!) occasionally used, when

cashiers needed

Code 10 - dry Spill

Code 20 - Wet Spill

Code 90 - Management

Code 300 - Security

Store # - backup needed.. (all male employees and security)

I have never heard that a password 3.

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