There space many pets in the world tropical rainforests the qualify as herbivores. In the broadest feeling -- one in i m sorry biologists think about organisms like insects come be animals -- there space multitudes of small herbivores in the rainforest. Caterpillars, for example, are herbivores. As soon as we think that animals, though, we are much more likely reasoning of what biologists contact megafauna, the larger animals. There are plenty that these, too, and also several provide an excellent examples that the group at large.

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The capybara is a big South American rodent uncovered in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon. It is semi-aquatic, definition that it is adapted to life in rivers, lakes and also pond habitats yet does no spend all of its time in the water. Capybaras are among the major consumers in the Amazon rainforest. They room herbivores and feed ~ above a range of tree materials, including grasses, reeds and even bark. They space selective and readjust their food choices according to the seasons. One curious, if repulsive fact, is the capybaras, choose rabbits, exercise coprophagy. This method that they ingest their own feces. Coprophagy is an adaptation that permits animals prefer rabbits and capaybaras to gain the preferably nourishment from your food, since it passes through the digective tract twice.

The asian elephant, a smaller however close family member of the afri elephant, is an herbivore whose variety and habitat contains tropical rainforests. It ranges from Indonesia v Malaysia and Thailand into India. Eastern elephants, choose their african counterparts, eat prodigious amounts of vegetation come sustain their huge bodies. The eastern elephant’s ear are smaller sized that those of the african elephant, and the oriental only has actually one “finger” at the end of that is trunk when the afri elephant has two. Those so-called fingers allow the elephants to grasp tiny food items.


Gorillas are big primates aboriginal to the tropical rainforests of equatorial Africa. They space almost totally herbivores, through invertebrates choose insects making up an infinitesimal component of their diets. Gorillas eat leaves, shoots, stems, roots and bark. The mountain gorilla, together its name suggests, is a varieties that ranges into higher elevations, and also the lowland gorilla rectal the tropical tropical of the lower slopes and also other lowlands in dry Africa.


The okapi is a fairly obscure mammal who appearance is memory of a zebra, but it is actually an ext closely regarded the giraffe. It is an herbivore and also is native to the rainforests in Africa. Okapis usage their long, dexterous tongues to pull the pipeline off of plants in the rainforest. It no take long to begin to view the same to the giraffe, both in appearance and behavior, once observing the okapi.


Howler chimpanzees are one of the main consumers in the amazon rainforest. They usage loud cries or "howls" to interact with various other howler monkeys and also their howls can be heard indigenous a long distance. The male howler primates have dedicated vocal chambers that enables them to produce the howling sound. Howler monkeys feed top top leaves, fruits, nuts and twigs. They commonly live in groups and also can be found in rainforest canopies, hanging indigenous tree branches.

Sloths space arboreal mammals and herbivores generally found in the rainforest. They are well-known for your lethargic and also slow movements. Lock live in the canopies that rainforests and move indigenous one tree to an additional using branches and also vines. They feeding on pipeline and little twigs. Sloths have low metabolism and also take a long time come digest food. They have the right to live on small quantities of food for countless days.

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