Rubber is one of the most popularly used products on earth. It exists in two develops – natural rubber made from plants and synthetic rubber made from chemicals. Either way, the finish product is a somewhat malleable, highly sturdy substance that have the right to be used in anything indigenous tires come shoes. However is rubber a significant danger to us all and also could it record fire at any type of instant?

Rubber is not very flammable in that it has a high ignition temperature of 500 to 600 levels Fahrenheit (260 to 316 Celsius). However, once rubber starts to burn, it have the right to be very difficult to extinguish and it produces an extremely toxic smoke the is filled with dangerous chemicals.

There room a few types that rubber with different properties and behaviors when it pertains to fire. This is what you must know. 

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What Is Rubber?How execute You put Out A Rubber Fire?

What Is Rubber?


Natural rubber (which may likewise be known as latex, Amazonian rubber, or India rubber) is a rubber the is developed from isoprene and also water. (It may also include part minor additional chemicals in the mix).

Rubber is harvested from rubber trees and also then refined into a rubber the is ready to be handle for industrial production.

It might surprise you to learn that, in theory, you could additionally make rubber native dandelions which develop their very own latex, and also a German agency has demonstrated the this is commercially feasible.

Synthetic rubber is a much wider term. It refers to any kind of polymer which is taken into consideration to be an “artificial elastomer”. They comprise the bulk of the rubber market and also sales of synthetic rubber, critical year, were approximated to be over $50 billion globally!

The original fabricated rubber, which was offered in bicycle tires, was made by Bayer in Germany in the at an early stage 1900s. Within 10-20 years many other artificial rubbers had been developed. Mainly due to the fact that of the ever-increasing sector prices of organic rubber.

By the 1960s, the sales of artificial rubber had completely overtaken the sales of herbal rubber and also while natural rubber is still offered today – man-made rubber is what most of us will conference in day-to-day life.

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Will It catch On Fire?

For the moment, stop talk about synthetic rubber, fine tackle herbal rubber a little later and for the sake of brevity – we’re going to call man-made rubber, “rubber” and distinguish the other form with words “natural” in prior of it.

Synthetic rubber is not very flammable, but it can certainly record fire. It usually has to be heated to a fairly high temperature in order come ignite.

Once it does capture fire, rubber have the right to sustain a flame for a very long time and also be an overwhelming to extinguish.

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If you’ve ever before seen among those mental videos the tires burning because that weeks, month or year – girlfriend will know this.