The Odyssey was composed by Homer about 2700 years ago. It speak of the adventures the the Greek hero Odysseus (Ulysses in roman inn mythology) throughout his harrowing go back to Ithaca after gift away for twenty years, ten of which he had spent fighting the Trojan Wars. In one part of the journey, Odysseus is mindful that that is around to encounter the sirens, famed for luring seafarers to their fatality with their beguiling wind-like song. Strongly curious to hear them, he has all his seafarers plug their ears and tie him come the mast, v instructions no to untie him, no matter what he says. As they approach, the sirens begin singing and also Odysseus screams to be untied, but the sailors can’t hear him and they room all saved.

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According to some versions that the myth, the sirens are fated to die if seafarers were come hear your song and escape. So after Odysseus’ ship passes by, the sirens fling themselves into the sea and are drowned.

This piece argues this dramatic encounter. If you hear carefully, you can hear the wind-song ending up being evermore insistent, the rocking that the ship, Odysseus’ screams, and also finally the sirens plunging to their death.

It might additionally be pointed out that sirens room still uncovered in our stories today. Perhaps many recently, the Marvel Comics superhero “Siryn” (associated with the X-Men) is an irish mutant the possesses a “sonic scream.” and also the hatchet “siren song” still describes an appeal the is hard to stand up to but, if heeded, will cause disaster.

Finally, as component of the American Composers Forum’s BandQuest the supervisory board that supported the development of this piece, the composer worked with the Boynton center School Concert Band, which likewise happens to live in Ithaca (though this one is in brand-new York).


1-Conductor4-Flute 14-Flute 22-Oboe2-Bassoon6-Bb clarinet 16-Bb clarinet 22-Bb base clarinet4-Eb alto saxophone2-Bb tenor saxophone2-Eb baritone saxophone4-Bb trumpet 14-Bb trumpet 24-F horn 14-F horn 24-Trombone 14-Trombone 22-Baritone B.C.2-Baritone T.C.2-Tuba1-Timpani1-Percussion 1: Bongos, Snare Drum, Whip (optional)1-Percussion 2: medium and small Suspended Cymbals, Tam-tamPercussion 3: Bell Tree (or steel wind chimes), Sand Shaker, Cowbell, base Drum, Tambourine, little Triangle1-Bells (optional)

Meet The Composer


The works of Dana Wilson have been commissioned and performed through such diverse ensembles together the Chicago chamber Musicians, Detroit chamber Winds and also Strings, Buffalo Philharmonic, Memphis Symphony, Washington armed forces bands, Netherlands Wind Ensemble, Syracuse Symphony, and also Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra. Solo works have actually been written for such renowned artists together hornist Gail Williams, clarinetist Larry Combs, trumpeters James Thompson and Rex Richardson, and oboist David Weiss.

He has actually received grants from, among others, the national Endowment because that the Arts, new York structure for the Arts, brand-new England structure for the Arts, brand-new York State Council because that the Arts, arts Midwest, and also Meet the Composer. His compositions have been performed transparent the joined States, Europe, and also East Asia. They have actually received numerous awards, consisting of the global Trumpet Guild an initial Prize, the Sudler international Composition Prize, and also the Ostwald composition Prize; are released by Boosey and also Hawkes, Ludwig Music Publishers, and Dorn Publications; and can it is in heard on Klavier, Albany, Summit, Centaur, Innova, Meister Music, Elf, open up Loop, Mark, Redwood, musical Heritage Society, and also Kosei Recordings.

About The Premiere

This item was premiered might 8, 2008 by the Boynton center School Concert tape in Ithaca, new York, under the direction that Michael Allen.


American Composers Forum

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