It has come to be well-known that changing the direction of your ceiling fan at the start of the summer and winter month will help improve her heating and also cooling circulation and keep prices down, but it"s easier said than done. Older model ceiling fans might not have a reverse duty and ceiling fans space still offered today without this feature. We"ve placed together a handy guide for you come understand exactly how to situate the switch on the ceiling fan motor (if over there is one) and ensure suitable rotation of your ceiling pan blades.

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Follow the step-by-step overview and video clip tutorial below to recognize if her ceiling fan have the right to be reversed and how to change ceiling fan direction:

Ceiling fan Switch Direction - increase or Down?

Locate the direction move on the motor housing (in part cases, the switch might be situated inside the switch real estate or move cup), and also flip the move in the contrary direction. Directional switches may move vertically (up and also down) or horizontally (side to next from left to right).

Note: If you carry out not discover a switch on the engine housing and also you do not have actually a remote, please jump to how to adjust your blade pitch below.


For vertical direction switches, upper and lower reversal the switch down for downward air flow or flip the switch up for upward airflow.

For horizontal direction switches, upper and lower reversal the move to the left because that downward airflow or flip the move to the right for upward airflow.

Use the steps below or the video below to readjust the direction of her ceiling fan:

Shut turn off the ceiling fan and also wait because that the chisels to concerned a finish stop

Using a ladder or step stool to reach the engine housing, locate the direction move

Flip the move in opposing direction

Step down and turn the ceiling fan back on

Verify the ceiling fan blades are relocating in the ideal direction

Video Tutorial

Hi. I"m Colby with Del Mar Fans and also Lighting and I"m right here to display you just how to reverse your ceiling fan.

Reverse direction for a ceiling pan is a clockwise motion developing an updraft. In the winter, when your heater is running, reversing her ceiling pan moves heat air close to the ceiling down to the floor. This considerably reduces your energy use and also can reduced your energy bills by as much as 15 percent. Friend will need a ladder or a action stool to with the engine housing. Rotate off your ceiling fan and also locate the direction move on the motor housing. This one is here, occasionally they space on the top of the engine housing. Make certain your pan has come to a complete stop before flipping the direction move in the opposite direction. Currently turn your fan ago on and enjoy. Plenty of ceiling fans incorporate remote controls with the reverse button. Other fans include wall controls v the reverse function.

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If the ceiling fan blades are rotating correctly, you need to feel a cool downward air flow in the summer. However, you have to feel no air activity in the winter. You have the right to reverse the direction of your outdoor ceiling fans, and your low profile ceiling fan.

How to Reverse her Ceiling Fan through a Remote

Reversing your fan utilizing your remote control is quite simple. View the infographic below for an ext details.


Reversing the direction of your ceiling pan is a budget-friendly and also eco-friendly method to do your house feel warmer in the fall and winter months. An easy means to mental is to reverse your fan throughout Daylight to save Time when you reverse your clocks.

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What If Your pan Does not Reverse?

If you have an older ceiling fan without a reversible motor, friend could adjust the blade key to reverse the airflow. Adjust the blade key to the best to push air down. Readjust the blade key to the left to traction air up. Or you could upgrade to a ceiling fan that reverses from the remote!

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Why should We Reverse pan Direction?

As temperatures drop during the fall and winter months, energy costs start to rise simply as steadily. Contact it coincidence. Contact it symbiotic. Contact it what you will, yet the additional energy used to warmth a home deserve to quickly include up to a hefty bill. Check out our Del Mar fans & Lighting’s overview to proper ceiling fan direction to view which direction your fan should be going and also how ceiling fan direction deserve to save you money on your energy bill.