Hunger Games: What happened To district 13? history & Disappearance explained District 13 was the lesser-known ar that consisted of Panem until it served a significant role in the latter half of the Hunger gamings franchise.

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Hunger games District 13
ar 13 offered as a crucial region in The Hunger Games movie series, and its background was much more compelling 보다 viewers might have very first thought. The franchise was collection in the fictional country of Panem, a an ar that included the Capitol and also its neighboring districts. Based on the publication trilogy by Suzanne Collins, the story focused greatly on 12 districts, yet there were in reality 13 in existence. As revealed in Mockingjay, district 13 organized some that the Capitol"s best secrets.

Every ar in Panem devoted in a certain area that associated to the nation"s economy. Vice versa, others to be responsible for electricity, transportation, or wood production, district 13 was well-known for mining graphite in addition to nuclear technology. Based upon their manufacturing of weapons, vehicles, and technologically-advanced equipment, the district became a hub because that the Capitol"s armed Forces. There was likewise an indication the the district was militarized, resulting in oppression of district 13 citizens.

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Not lot was revealed about District 13"s history following the first Rebellion in the Hunger Games franchise. As soon as the tide started to revolve in the Capitol"s favor, ar 13 took regulate of the nuclear weapons. The Capitol knew District 13 would certainly be ready to usage the weapons, therefore they backed down. A peace treaty was then negotiated that allowed District 13 to act together an live independence state as long as they traction their assistance from the rebellion. In act so, the Capitol spread a false story, claiming district 13 was destroyed. The citizens moved to the secret bunkers while the rebellion fail without armed forces support. Following the finish of the first Rebellion, the Dark days emerged, and also the Capitol founded the annual Hunger Games occasion as a way to punish the staying districts. The tyrannical manage would last over seven decades prior to District 13 re-emerged together a threat.

While kids from the various other districts battled to the death, ar 13 continued to be hidden. Rather than peacefully continue to be out that Panem"s conflict, the citizens were privately fortifying your forces and also preparing because that another large power shift. Those who resided in the bunkers complied with strict schedules and also militaristic lifestyles. Once Katniss Everdeen ignited the second Rebellion, she was rescued native the 75th Hunger Games and taken come the remnants of district 13. Not only were the citizens alive and also well, yet it was also the headquarters of the brand-new rebellion.

Following the bombing of district 12, the refugees were accepted into district 13. The Capitol continued allowing Panem to believe that district 13 to be a burning pile of rubble until Katniss revealed the truth. And also alhough the Capitol tried to fight, ar 13"s stockpile and support were no enhance for the utopian city. President Coin led the second Rebellion while Katniss helped build the soil forces.

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After the Capitol"s defeat, Coin went ago on she promise of finishing the Hunger Games event immediately. Katniss felt no choice but to death Coin together the final act of the resistance. A new president to be then elected and also the fatal competition was stopped for good. When it to be true that all districts play a major role in overthrowing the Capitol in the Hunger Games franchise, ar 13 played the many important role in giving Panem a brighter future.