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Neon signs

Neon indications are high visibility, lighted indicators ideal for attracting customer attention to your business.

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What is a neon sign and also how does the work? A neon sign is a very an easy device. It consists of a vacuum-tight glass tube, fitted at each end with an electrode. Within the tube is a tiny amount of rarely gas. Connected to the two electrodes is a resource of high-voltage electric power. When the present is turn on, the pipe glows through a stable piercing light.

The various Gasses and also Their Characteristics The rare gases, neon, argon, helium, xenon and krypton, room ideally suitable for use in signs. The two most common gases used in neon indicators are neon and argon. If neon is an extremely bright, argon"s light is weak because of its low resistance.

Neon Gas Neon gas offers off a red glow. This gas is normally included in tubing that is clear in color, and also when illuminated, projects the brightest red color.

Argon Gas virtually everything else is filled through argon gas. When you view yellow, blue, green, white or any of several other shades, this tubes are filled through argon gas.

Technical info

Glass Tubing and Electrodes pipe Diameters or dimension Neon tubing come in miscellaneous diameters depending on the application. The pipe diameter or dimension is calculation in millimeters and typically runs from 8 - 11 mm for usage in indoor signs and also 12 - 13 mm in diameter and for use in large indoor neon signs or outdoor signs and also channel letters.

Smaller neon tube diameters are simpler to bend right into written works but are not as distinguishable from a distance. Larger tube diameters are an ext visible indigenous a distance, and are an ext effective in illuminating store front letters, however cannot be practically formed right into smaller composed applications. Larger diameter neon tubing is less brilliant.

Colors and Coatings Neon tubing can be developed in numerous different colors, through the usage of argon gas and the various inner phosphor coatings on the glass itself. The coatings in the tube appear to it is in white when non-illuminated. They end up being other colors as soon as the pipe is illuminated and the phosphors come to be excited. More expensive pigmented glass tubing can be purchased in bespeak to attain a richer color, such together Novial yellow or Ruby Red and also a few others.

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Electrodes Every neon tube has actually two electrodes attached come it, one at each end of the tube. The electrical current enters the tube through the electrode which is comprised of a tiny metal thimble-like cup. The electrode is "welded" to the neon tube. The two wires turn off the electrode are linked to the GTO cables top from the transformer. This is a high voltage connection, and also is covered by rubber insulative sleeves to ensure the user is no shocked.

PK Housings or Hage Connectors On out signs and also channel letters, the GTO cable is no attached directly to the glass. Instead it makes call with the glass v the use of either PK Housings or Hage Connectors.