In winters salt is used to protect against icing and freezing water top top the side walks and streets. Salt can melt ice and can stop or delay freezing that water. Is it feasible that sugar likewise has some comparable properties? Is it possible that street can additionally melt ice cream or avoid icing. To uncover out the answer, we will carry out some experiments and also see i beg your pardon one freezes faster? water or street water?


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Information Gathering:

Find out about what you want to investigate. Review books, magazines or ask experts who might know in order come learn about freezing time and freezing temperature. Keep track of whereby you obtained your info from.

Following are samples of information that you might find:

All the products on earth are in among the three claims – solid, liquid, or gas.The “state” the the matter refers to the group of matter with the very same properties. In other words, you group the objects with each other according to your properties.

A solid has a certain size and also shape.

liquid doesn’t have actually a definite shape, yet have dimension or volume. It takes the form of that container. Liquids can flow, it is in poured, and also spilled.

gas is issue that has no form or dimension of that own. Gases space all around you. You deserve to feel gas when the wind blows. The wind is moving air. Waiting is plenty of gases combined together.

The state the a issue depends top top the temperature. In very low temperatures every materials become solid. In really high temperatures every materials come to be gas. We frequently think the the state that a issue at room temperature. Therefore if us say water is a liquid, us simply typical that water is a liquid at room temperature.

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When the temperature decreases, maters may readjust their state indigenous gas to liquid or from fluid to solid.

Changing the state that a issue from liquid to solid is dubbed freezing. Pure water freezes in ~ 0º Celsius (32º Fahrenheit). This temperature is likewise known together freezing suggest of water.