You have taken on iPhones and iPads. E-mail has come to be the norm. When upon a time, also a paper in facsimile acquired truncated down to a fax, and also that additionally became a verb!

Your newest, most helpful shorthand is now vi-.

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There room a variety of cute things about it, admittedly. Due to the fact that it’s expected to was standing in because that virtual or virtually, it can function as one adjective or an adverb: going on a vi-date have the right to mean a digital date or a date, virtually, whichever. The basic meaning remains the same, and the sentence remains clear and also compact. It likewise distinguishes from your definition almost a date or nearly a date. A vi-date or vi-meeting or also vi-fight is completely the thing in question, done in a virtual, digital space.


Of course, vi- no only average virtual — the also way virus. That is, vi- communicates that this is being excellent in huge part due come COVID-19 and its surrounding circumstances. Lot of of civilization used come telecommute into meetings or utilize telehealth to reach clinical experts; a vi-checkup, however, notes that this usage of teleheath is largely as result of social distancing and the pandemic, not prior circumstances.

So, gamers playing World that Warcraft are no vi-gaming. ESports (see exactly how that also became component of the vernacular?) space not unexpectedly vi-Sports. E-mail — because that which ns still use the hyphen, if only to spare my friend Emil — is no being rebranded as vi-mail. Vi- is for our existing crisis.

The prefix is pronounced favor the English word vie, i beg your pardon may likewise capture the an obstacle against which it’s being employed. The hyphen is also needed, both to communicate that it remains separable indigenous the original word and to stop painful mispronunciations. Imagine being a non-native reader of English and also confronted with words viplaydate. (“Vip-lay-dahtay?”) Or a student preparing for viorals. (“Vee-oh-rayls?”)



Vi- conserves 2–3 syllables and 5–7 letters, as much as 8 if you count characters. Its only other English-language use is for obscure computer editing software application (which does not usage the hyphen as soon as being discussed, notably). And its likelihood of confusion for a Roman character is slim; would certainly vi-school an ext readily read as virtual college or six-school in writing?

Speaking of standard civilization, however, it also has secondary attribute:

In Latin, vi is the ablative the vis or “force.” This provides our handy prefix likewise mean “with violence,” and you shouldn’t run from the meaning. In as lot as we can be doing the English language some violence by forcing a prefix upon it, an also larger violence has been excellent to human society worldwide. Some of it has actually been self-inflicted, perhaps, but every one of it, in every its immensity, has actually been traumatizing in a method that just metaphors of violence can capture.

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Therefore, welcome come vi-speak. Exploit it. Do the many of it. Keep connecting and communicating.