It was just a few days after ~ I had actually arrived in Brazil, and my Portuguese was a trivial Portuñol in ~ best. Nevertheless, the was enough for me to fumble my way through conversations and win the donate of a cute girl.

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We met at a party through mutual friends and added each various other on on facebook so the we might stay in contact. Later on we gained to chatting, and that’s when things got interesting.

We began out v polite greetings,

“oi, tudo bem?”

“tudo bom, e você?”

Then some little talk.

“A festa foi muito bom.”

The party to be good, yet my capability to make interesting little chat still had actually a long way to go.

“Você lembrou a festa? Nossa, nunca vi alguém beber tanto whiskey na minha vida kkk.”

Now, I had a tough time understanding all of that, but the one thing that I obtained from this story was that she to be a lifetime member that the KKK.

I was shocked come say the least. I didn’t think that they had the KKK in Brazil. She was such a nice girl too! What a shame the she is a racist. And also since racism is illegal in Brazil, i didn’t desire to have anything to do with her, so i told her goodbye.

“O BOPE está aqui, eu tenho que ir.”

“tchau, bj.”

Wait, walk she simply say she wants to provide me a blowjob? maybe a girl who is in the KKK is into negative boys who obtain their doors knocked under by the Brazilian SWAT? I’d heard that Brazilians are an ext direct, yet I wasn’t expecting it prefer this.

I told mine roommate that the girl i met was really right into me and also she want to give me a bj. I proved him the conversation and he almost broke my eardrums through “huahuahuahuahuahua.”

After he recovered native his bout that laughter he defined to me that Brazilians have various acronyms when chatting online. It transforms out that what I thought was racism and sexual forwardness were actually laughter and a cute method of speak goodbye.

I felt like an idiot, so ns went in search of other typical acronyms that Brazilians use online.

In the attention of staying clear of future misunderstandings ns now present to you my perform of Brazilian acronyms.

Dictionary the Brazilian Portuguese internet Slang9dade (novidade) – newsadd – To add someone in a contact list. They might say something like “me add pf”aew (aí) – There.aff – An interjection provided to display screen shock, either confident or negative. Acquired from Ave-Maria, one more Brazilian expression.aki (aqui) – Hereblz (beleza) – Alrightbj or bjo (beijo) – Kissbjoks (beijocas) – small kissesbjs or bjos (beijos) – Kisses (você) – youcmg (comigo) – v mectg (contigo) – v youd (de) – Of, fromD+ (demais) – A (é) – one easier means of inputting é. (He is; She is; it is; That’s right)etm (eu te amo) – ns love youets (eu tenho saudades) – I miss youFDP (filho da puta) – kid of a bitchFDS (fim de semana) – Weekendflw (falou) – Bye, tranquility out!gnt (gente) – Person; Peoplehj (hoje) – Todayhum – The equivalent of saying ummkct (cacete) – Literally translates as penis, but is regularly shouted in surprise. Have the right to be used online as WTF.kkk – The indistinguishable of lolk (o quê) – Whatkbça (cabeça) – Headkra (cara) – Dudekd or cd (cadê) – Where, as in “cadê você?”ki (o quê) – Whatn or ñ (não) – Nonamo (namorado; namorada) – Boyfriend; Girlfriendnaum (não) – Nond (nada) – Nothingneh (né) – Isn’t it?ngm (ninguém) – Nobodyoq (o quê) – Whatp (para) – To; because that (learn the difference in between por and also para here)po (porra) – ns don’t want to have to be the one to describe this one come you, not below (por favor) – Pleasepqp (puta que pariu) – A unstable translation would be “holy fucking shit.”putz – another expression offered in shockq (que) – Thatq (o quê) – What?qdo or qnd (quando) – Whenqq (qualquer) – Anyrs (risos) – Laughs. Similar to lolsoh (só) – Only.sqn (só que não) – This is the Brazilian identical of teenage girls saying, “except not.”t+ (até mais) – watch you latertamo or tamos (estamos) – A shortened kind of estamostb or tbm (também) – Also, together welltc (teclar) – to chattd (tudo) – All, everythingTDB (tudo de bom) – take it caretipo (tipo) – Like. Can be supplied as umm as well. The like, what you, like, say like, once you prefer don’t understand what come (estou) – A shortened variation of ns am. Likewise used in talked Portuguese.uau – wow!vcs (vocês) – girlfriend (plural)vc (você) – Youzapzap – What the cool youngsters call Whatsapp

Did I miss out on anything?

Have a funny story you want to share?

Let us know in the comments.

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