a rather large interval the time the is systematic in the life the a person, in history, etc., because of its certain characteristics: a duration of illness; a duration of great profitability because that a company; a period of society unrest in Germany.

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a ring of time marked by the recurrence of some phenomenon or inhabited by part recurring process or action.
Education. A specific length the time during school hours that a college student spends in a classroom, laboratory, etc., or has free.
the point or personality (.) supplied to note the finish of a declare sentence, show an abbreviation, etc.; full stop.
Geology. The simple unit of geologic time, throughout which a standard rock mechanism is formed: comprising two or an ext epochs and included with various other periods in one era.
Physics. The duration of one finish cycle the a wave or oscillation; the mutual of the frequency.
Music. A division of a composition, commonly a passage of eight or 16 measures, finish or satisfactory in itself, frequently consisting of two or more contrasted or complementary phrases finishing with a conclusive cadence; sentence (def. 3).
Astronomy. Additionally called period of rotation . The time in i m sorry a human body rotates once on the axis.Also called period of transformation . The time in i m sorry a planet or satellite revolves once around its primary.
noting, related to to, evocative of, imitating, or representing a historical duration or the styles current during a specific period of history: duration costumes; a period play.
(used through a speak or writer to show that a decision is irrevocable or that a suggest is no much longer discussable): ns forbid you to go, period.

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1375–1425; late center English periode (periodus,Latin períodos circuit, duration of time, period in rhetoric, literally, means around. View peri-, -ode2
perineum, perineural anesthesia, perineuritis, perineurium, perinuclear, period, periodate, period drama, periodic, routine acid, regular acid-Schiff

A period is a dot symbol the is used to end most sentences. A period is likewise a specified size of time or a length of time whereby something necessary happened or a tendency occurred. Period has numerous other senses as a noun, an adjective, and an interjection.

A period is a major punctuation note used in English that resembles a dot, choose the period at the finish of this sentence. A period is offered to end any sentence the isn’t a inquiry (which offers a concern mark) or one exclamation (which uses an exclamation point) or the trails off utilizing an ellipsis. Periods are additionally used in abbreviations, such as Mrs. or Dr.

Real-life examples: This sentence ends in a period. This sentence also ends in a period. Many of the sentence you read, such together this one, finish in periods.

Used in a sentence: In English, us use periods to end most sentences. 

The indigenous period is also used to describe a length of time wherein something crucial happened or was identified by other memorable.

Real-life examples: A human being may suffer a period of illness. A organization may go v a period wherein it didn’t make much money. For most people, the teenage years space a rebellious period of your life.

Used in a sentence: Stores constantly experience a duration of increased company during the holidays. 

The native period can likewise be used to to express to any type of designated size of time.

Used in a sentence: He likes to read books about the middle ages period. 

The native period deserve to refer to a size of time where some distinctive phenomena or tendency happened.

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Real-life example: The Renaissance period that European history had a distinct trend of creative thinking in art and culture.