The text of Slipknot’s “Snuff” tell the sad story of one unrequited love. The narrator has uncovered someone who he loves so dearly and also even believes that she also has strong feelings that love for him. However, this apparently isn’t the case! She has actually not the slightest little of love because that him. And from the lyrics, we have the right to see the the primary reason she can’t love the narrator earlier is because of the excessive darkness residing in she heart and soul.


“Snuff” is based on a true story

According come Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, this is a very an individual song. He said the human he’s to sing to was someone an extremely special to him who aided him survive a yes, really dark illustration of his life. He finished up falling for her and also thought she had comparable feelings for him. However, at the end of the work she disappointed that in a yes, really heartbreaking fashion. Below are the precise words Corey offered in explicate this song during a 2008 interview he had with Kerrang!


What is the an interpretation of “Snuff” as used in the song’s title?

Despite being the song’s title, the word is never used in the lyrics. Snuff is actually a sort of smokeless tobacco people snort right into their nasal cavity because doing so offers them a pleasurable sensation. And also it is likely that Corey is introduce to the addressee together his “snuff” (i.e. Someone who lugged him great pleasure).

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Writing Credits

Corey Taylor is actually the primary writer that this song. He and also the rest of his tape members produced “Snuff” along with listed record producer Dave Fortman.

Release day of “Snuff”

Slipknot released “Snuff” via Roadrunner documents on the 28th of September, 2009. It was the fifth and final single from their fourth studio album (“All expect Is Gone”).

A an extremely special tune

This song is an extremely special to Slipknot considering it was the final solitary they released before the tragic death of their beloved bassist Paul Gray. Gray actually passed away less than a year after the song was released. Corey walk on to salary an emotional tribute to Gray with an acoustic variation of the song. That would carry out this emotional version on numerous of his solo shows.

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9 Responses

Anonymous says:
March 13, 2021 at 6:24 am

WOW a SNUFF movie is an obviously illegal video of someone being murdered. WOW. You totally missed the suggest and the true darkness the the song tho that in the video. WOW. Ya the a smokeless tobacco too yet cmon. Really?? simple fact inspect is 8MM, the 1999 Nicolas Cage movie, however I average it was a thing way before that.

Anonymous says:
March 23, 2021 at 3:53 am

Thank you for that obvious point… and also it’s that sort of tilt darkness that sucks people into songs prefer this. *Maybe* it’s around snuff (ever make the efforts Copenhagen smokeless? It’s choose worm dirt), but *maybe* it’s around murder on film, Corey knows. Either way… steer her life far from this junk, specifically if you’re young.