One that the ideal 2013 music video clip on Youtube is La La La through Naughty boy Featuring Sam Smith. Music is awesome and also Lyrics is based upon an old Bolivian Legend.

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La la la through Naugthy Boy

According come Ian Pons Jewell,  the music video, which ideas at The magician of Oz, is about an “aural” Bolivian legend dating to the at an early stage 20th century, which pertains to a hearing deactivated boy who fled native his abusive home and found a stray dog the accompanied him since then. After life on the roadways for an unknown amount the time. That discovers that he has special talent of perceiving people’s troubles, i beg your pardon he have the right to heal through screaming, which is said to be together loud together an earthquake and also a tornado. One day, he find an old man who is being stoned by villagers while being taunted and ridiculed.By screaming, the boy resolves the situation and also revives the old man’s love (in the video, by buying the a new heart). Together, they fulfill a disfigured man who was abused, considered a leper through society. The disfigured male reveals that he is a prophet that was cursed through a demon (El Tio) because he didn’t prayer him anymore, and abandoned the society where the demon resided.

The meaning of La la la by naughty  Boy

El Tio is considered as the mr of the underworld, to whom mortal people offer presents in exchange because that protection, or to ease his anger. The prophet said anybody who might hear the demon would fall under his control. That told castle the demon can be discovered in desert, where there as soon as was a town in which human being worshipped the demon and also he cursed lock to kill themselves. With each other they walk to the place where the demon have to reside.

They come at a mine whereby the demon is claimed to be, however everybody with their listening intact could be cursed through the demon, therefore the boy had actually to challenge the demon alone and over voice him through his scream to stop him indigenous cursing others.The video clip ends v an open end, because El Tio is the mr of the underworld that rules in the mines, which to be of usage for people for a lengthy period that time, who miners sacrifice a llama native time to time to stop from gift cursed, the boy could be viewed as a big sacrifice come redeem the miners native El Tio’s undesirable influence.

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