Running native or in the direction of happiness? – Florence and also the Machine’s ‘Dog Days are Over’

I had actually the unequaled pleasure of city hall Florence and the an equipment perform in ~ the 02 arena. Some artists you can not imagine owning the stage at a venue that large. No without considerable production the lights, sounds and also smoke devices to an increase them.

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But Florence proved that the actual reason we all love music is since of the pure, basics elements. Those include: the voice, happen the story come life, lifting the whole arena into the singer’s emotions. Florence is a journey.

Florence’s trademark lyric composition is the combination of polar opposite concepts, frequently in the same lines for maximum impact. Kiss through a fist, a song thought about to be about domestic violence, takes 2 words that convey completely different ideals – kisses and tenderness, fists and violence. The effect? Black and white and also an to explode of colour in between. Since Florence’s text are genuine for the reason. If her songs are around love, they space equally around hate. She doesn’t believe, and rightly so, the a person can be feeling just one emotion at one time.
Let’s take it the opened line to one of her early releases, ago in 2008, the ‘Dog Days space Over.’ Immediately, these room lyrics that halt girlfriend in your tracks (excuse the pun ns am around to make) and also force you to re-read come really acquire to the bottom of what she is trying come say.
‘Happiness fight her prefer a train on a track’ provides the juxtaposition of a positive emotion, a state we as people strive to in the majority of ours behaviours, with a violent image, one that we immediately associate through pain.
Why is she making this association of happiness and pain? can it be because the protagonist has always had negative experiences through attempting to reach joy and has constructed up an adverse schemas that room activated once she gets as well close to happiness and also therefore her instinct is come run? This is one translate of really ambiguous song. It can just as conveniently be taken as the protagonist to run away from the world who denied her joy for for this reason long, such the she decided to act selfishly and also chase a brand-new life for herself.
Which is additional supported by the maladaptive behaviours us see displayed throughout the first verse, such as ‘sank through drinks’ and also ‘washes under the kitchen sink’ which are forms of self-numbing. This is a protagonist who either has actually a natural tendency to plot dysfunctionally, or developed it after an unfavorable experiences. One of two people way, we start to view why delight would hit her, quite than appeal to her.
What more gives me the impression that she is running away from happiness is not just the word ‘run’ that course, however the way plosives have actually been employed. Native such as ‘track’ ‘back’ and also ‘drink’ ‘sink’ with their harsh, almost blunt finishing sounds (the ‘k’) are like feet hitting the ground. This create a feeling of relentless movement, without a break. Girlfriend wouldn’t it is in running with such heavy, pounding feet, if you to be celebrating the end of poor times.
And what is maybe most exciting is the title, which we haven’t disputed yet. This is whereby the confusion as to the true definition of this song comes in. Florence Welch was actually influenced by a Ugo Ronandine poster under Waterloo Bridge. He described this certain piece of work to be a blog post of ‘the bad duration being over.’

However, ‘Dog Days’ actually has actually its origins much earlier, v Romans utilizing it to refer to the star Sirius the was seen overhead in the summer months. For us in the northern hemisphere the is July and August. Summer itself has actually connotations that joyous times throughout literature (Gatsby and also Daisy autumn in love through summer) and also music. Look at at song such together ‘Summer Nights’ in Grease and also Bryan Adams standard disco-closing struggle ‘Summer that 69.’ So possibly the message right here is that, because that an individual who cannot master happiness and who instinctively shies away from it, the discomfort will certainly soon be over once she operation away from it.
I think the interpretation of this song has a lot of to do where you space at in her life; period wise, your mental state, and also what girlfriend are right now / hoping to achieve. Which is the true success of any type of song – developing something that speaks to a myriad of people, the all relate come it, no issue who they are or wherein they are from.

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What’s clear to me though is the Florence and the an equipment are not going to offer their listeners basic ride. And nor must they. Lyrics room there to make you think. Otherwise we would listen to Beethoven and also be done with it…
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