What go Salena mean?


▼ as a girls" name is pronounced sah-LEE-nah. That is the Hindi and Greek origin, and also the definition of Salena is "the moon". Different of Selena. Also form of Celena. Also kind of Selina.STARTS/ENDS with Sa-, -na

ASSOCIATED through greek, moon


VARIANTS Saleena, Salina▼, Selena

OTHER develops VIA SELENA Caleen, Caleena, Calina, Celene, Celenia, Celina, Celyna, Sela, Selene▲, Selenia, Selenna, Selia, Selina, Selinda, Seline, Selyna, Selyne, Sena▼, Syleena, Sylena

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) center NAME PAIRINGSSalena Alondra (S.A.), ..

How famous is Salena?

Salena is a somewhat popular very first name for ladies (#2476 the end of 4276, height 58%) but a distinctive last surname for both adults and children. (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Salena reached its optimal rank of #959 in the U.S. In the year 1995, but is no ranked at the moment. (2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS)



Which version is better?

Celena, Celene, Celina (#1220 IN 2018), Salina, Selena (#249), Selene (#831), Selina (#1089) and Sena space the popular varying forms of Salena listed in the peak 2000. Adoption of these connections of Salena was more pronounced amongst parents 23 years back (ADOPTION of 0.3%) and also has become significantly diminished due to the fact that (ADOPTION 0.1%, down 63.9%). Selena has historically been preferred by parents, return Selene appears to be acquiring favor too, while versions such as Sena room now much less popular.

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Similar Names

Salena▼ is alike in pronunciation to Ceilena, Celeena, Solana, Solina, Sylina, Xylina, Xylona, Zelenia, Zelenya, Zelina and Zylina. Other said similar-sounding names room Adalena, Alena▲, Allena, Analena, Calen, Carena, Carlena, Colena, Dalena, Dalenna, Ellena, Galea, Galina, Halina, Helena, Jolena, Kadena, Kaleena, Kalen, Kalina, Karena, Karlena, Lavena, Madena, Malena, Malina, Marena, Maxena, Nadena, Nalea, Olena, Ravena, Sabrena, Sabyna (see Sabina), Sadina, Salima, Salimah, Salinda, Sallama, Salma▲, Saloma, Salome, Salomea, Salomi, Salvia, Salvina, Sarina, Satina, Savana▼, Selima, Sellma, Selma▼, Serena, Shalane, Shaleena, Shalene, Shalina, Shaylene, Sirena, Solenne, Syrena, Talena, Talina and Valen. These names have tendency to be less commonly used than Salena.