What go Cindy mean?


▼ together a girls" name is express SIN-dee. The is that English and Greek origin, and also the meaning of Cindy is "from mount Kynthos". A pet kind of Cynthia, and also less often, of Latin Lucinda an interpretation "light". Now generally used together an live independence name. The is sometimes used as a short kind of the unrelated fairy-tale heroine"s name Cinderella. Design Cindy Crawford; singer Cyndi Lauper.STARTS v Ci-

ASSOCIATED v greek, mount, light, fairy, story (literary), heroine


VARIANTS Cinda, Cindal, Cindee, Cindel, Cindell, Cindi▼, Cindia, Cindie, Cindl, Cindyl, Cyndee, Cyndi, Cyndie, Cyndy, Sindee, Sindi, Sindie, Sindy, Syndi, Syndie, Syndy

RELATIONS VIA CINDERELLA, CYNDI, CYNTHIA, LUCINDA Cinnie, Cinny, Cintha, Cintia, Cinzia, Cyn, Cynda, Cyndia, Cyndra, Cynth, Sindia, Sindya, Sinny, Synda

CREATIVE FORMS(female) Cinta, .. (male) Cinro, .. Middle NAME PAIRINGSCindy Jayda (C.J.), ..

How renowned is Cindy?

Cindy is a really prominent very first name because that females (#113 out of 4276, peak 3%) but an unexplained last surname for every people. (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Cindy reached its apex rank of #46 in the U.S. In the 1960s, and is at #1329 presently. (2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS)



Which variation is better?

Cinda, Cindee, Cindi, Cindie, Cyndi, Cyndy, Cynthia (#693 IN current RANKINGS), Lucinda (#1628) and Sindy space the well-known related creates of Cindy (#1329) listed in the top 2000. These creates of Cindy were favored by parental 7 decades back (MEDIAN #947) and are now much less common (#1765, down 98%), with forms like Cindi ending up being less trendy.

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Similar Names

Cindy▼ is alike in pronunciation come Sanda, Sandi▼, Sandy▼, Sandye, Sondya, Zanda, Zandy and Zenda. Other argued similar-sounding names room Andy, Biddy, Bindy, Birdy, Caddy, Cady, Canda, Candi▼, Candy▼, Candys, Chandy, Cidney, Cilly, Cinthy, Cissy, Coady, Cody▼, Conny, Cordy, Hildy, Jandy, Kandy, Lindy▼, Lundy, Lyndy, Mandy▼, Mindy▼, Randy▼, Tandy, Tildy, Wandy, Wendy▼ and also Windy▼. These names have tendency to it is in less frequently used than Cindy.