What go Candida mean?


together a girls" surname is express kan-DEE-dah. The is the Latin origin, and the meaning of Candida is "white". From "candidus". The color was associated by Christians through purity and also salvation. A roman inn politician wore a distinct white toga ss a symbol of these qualities, and hence the word "candidate" and also "candid". Name of several early on saints, including a woman supposedly cured by Saint Peter himself. Yet the name was hardly provided in the English-speaking people until the 20th century. This may have been influenced by George bernard Shaw"s beat "Candida" (1897), which was based on the surname of the hero in Voltaire"s 1759 novel "Candide", i m sorry is the French form.Names which have actually the same definition are Bianca and also Blanche. "Candida" is also a clinical name for yeast infection. Journalist Candida Crewe.STARTS/ENDS through Can-, -da

ASSOCIATED v white, purity (virgin), roman, 20th century (modern), play (opera), hero, novel (literary)


VARIANTS Candi▼, Candide, Candido, Candie, Candy▼

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) center NAME PAIRINGSCandida Aiza (C.A.), ..

How popular is Candida?

Candida is a very prominent an initial name for ladies (#1166 out of 4276, top 27%) however an inexplicable surname for every people. (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Candida was an initial listed in 1900-1909 and reached its height position the #944 in the U.S. In the 1970s, however is not provided currently. (TOP baby NAMES, 2018)



Which version is better?

Prominent alternate forms the Candida room Bianca (#403 critical YEAR), Blanche, Candi, Candie and Candy. Consumption of these relationships of Candida was an ext pronounced amongst parents in the 1880s (AVERAGE #1675) and is now much reduced, with versions like Bianca ending up being less stylish.

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Similar Names

Suggested similar-sounding names room Caddy, Cadena, Cadhla, Cadi, Cadie, Caidie, Calida, Calina, Calinda, Callida, Camia, Camila▲, Canada, Canda, Candaice, Candase, Candela, Candes, Candia, Candias, Candice▼, Candiese, Candis▼, Candise, Candiss, Candist (see Candice), Candita, Candra, Candyce, Candyse, Candyss (see Candice), Caprina, Caranda, Carita, Carlinda, Carmila, Carmina, Carrisa, Casidy, Cassia, Cassidi, Cathia, Catlina, Catrina▼, Chanda▼, Chandria, Chandrika, Chania, Chaniya, Chantila, Cinda, Cindia, Cindie, Cintia, Claudina, Clodia, Cordia, Cynda, Cyndi, Cyndia, Cyndie, Hameida, Hamida, Jedida, Karida, Mandisa, Oneida, Randa, Saida, Valida, Vannda (see Vanda), Wannda (see Wanda), Zaida, Zanda and Zenaida. This names tend to be less generally used 보다 Candida.