Helen, some years back, our neighborhood newspaper published the an interpretation for Contreras:this surname originated an ext than 600 years ago in the Spanish province of Burgos, in one area called Cuevas Contrarias ("opposing caves"), i beg your pardon later ended up being known together Contreras.Fernan Gonzalez, counting of Castilla, ordered a fortification developed there and also later delivered it come the Fernan Sasa de Contreras, kid of the infanta Jimena Fernandez. Sasa de Contreras later cleared up in Segovia.His descendants infect Avila, Jaen, Cordoba, Burgos, Madrid, Sevilla, Grannada, Guadalajara and Extremadura. Contreras is the 65th most typical Spanish surname in the united state in Latin America, family histories have been identified in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and also Chile.In the US, family members histories are found in new Mexico. In 1831, Susana Contreras was a residents of Tucson, Arizona.Ignacio Contreras was living in Tubac in ~ the residence of Pedro Pintor and also Leonarda Valencia.His neighbors consisted of Pablo Contreras, his wife, Rosa Madrid, and also their daughter, Paula.Also, Maria Contreras, who lived at the home of Jose Moreno. In 1687, brand-new Mexico, newlyweds, Jose and also Magdalena de Contreras stayed in Guadalupe del Paso.In 1693, Jose was remarried come Maria de Valencia.Zacatecas native Simon de Contreras and also his wife, Manuela Negrete, were living in Santa Cruz in 1696. This tidbit of info was gift in an post named "RootSearch" by the body Christi Caller-Times. Now, because that a little bit that my very own family background (or what small I know).My ggrandparents, Domingo Contreras & Angelita Viramontes, had about six children, they to be Juanita Contreras Suarez, Maria Del Jesus Contreras De Isla, Angelita Contreras(?), Antonio Contreras(?), Domingo Contreras, and, Cruz Contreras Almazan (1902). My grandmother, Cruz Contreras, married Camilo Almazan (AKA Emilio), he to be born about 1892.They had eight children: Florinda Almazan Estevis (1920), Maria Almazan Navarro (1921), Angelita Almazan Salinas (1922), Juan Almazan (1923), Carlota Almazan Yeager (1924), Ramon Almazan (1925), Juanita Almazan Rodriguez (1931) and also Aurora Almazan (1935). All of my aunts and also uncles to be born (I think) and also raised in the valley area of Texas (Weslaco, Donna, Pharr, mountain Juan, Alamo) All room deceased other than for my uncle, Ramon Almazan and also my mother, Juanita Almazan Rodriguez.My mother married my father, Carlos Gomez de Faz (from Cedral, san Luis Potosi) in 1949; she later on went on to remarry to Homero Marroquin Rodriguez. It is said that mine ggrandparents hailed from san Luis Potosi, and they entered the us at one of two people Eagle happen or Piedras Negras.There is likewise mention of two of mine ggrandmother"s cousins, Leopoldo (Polo) Viramontes and also Petra Viramontes.Also, mine grandmother, Cruz, had actually the greenest-blue eyes I ever saw, she was very fair-skinned, to be a seamstress in Donna, TX (a expertise she happen on to me beginning at the age of seven, when she taught me to embroider and draw my own designs; in ~ the age of ten, she taught me exactly how to attract my own patter and put together a skirt and also blouse).

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Does any kind of of this sound familiar?Are we related?Anxious come hear from you.I am brand-new to this Forum and also was beginning to wonder if anyone was doing any type of serious research study on their barisalcity.org.God bless.