Let’s speak Turkey Meaning

Definition: To connect in a frank and also practical discussion about a issue (usually a company matter).

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Origin of Talking Turkey

This expression to be in usage by the first half that the 1800s. Its origin story is claimed to come from an apocryphal tale about a white man and also an Indian hunting.

In the story, a aboriginal American and also white male are trying to division some video game from a hunt. The white man offers that he (the white man) have the right to take the turkey if the indigenous American man have the right to take the buzzard. Alternatively, the indigenous American can take the buzzard and he (the white man) have the right to take the turkey.

These two provides sounded different because the white male reversed the order. However, in both instances the white guy would to walk away through the larger prize. The aboriginal American establish this and also said come the white man, “Now speak turkey come me.”

There is no proof that this exchange in reality happened. However, this story shows up in multiple very first hand resources throughout the 1800s. This appears to median it to be a well-known origin story because that the idiom.

Examples of Talking Turkey


Here is an example of a teacher using the expression in a math class.

Teacher: i have listened to all of you offer your reasons why I must offer extra credit. I have never offered a solitary extra credit assignment in my whole career. However, i’m willing to give it a try.

Student: Awesome! thank you!

Teacher: If ns going to sell extra credit, though, you have actually the duty of coming up through a same assignment. You should propose extra credit transaction that is fair, and also explain exactly how it will certainly fit into the grading scheme for the class. Us will comment on all these handy details together. Are you willing?

Student: of course! Let’s speak turkey!

In this example, two friends are mentioning a business proposition.

Monica: i am for this reason excited about all the concepts we discussed for starting a non-profit to aid illiterate adults in our city.

Janice: Me too! i feel like we completely agree ~ above the huge picture.

Monica: i guess all that is left to execute is number out the details and also how we will actually make this happen. Let’s speak turkey!

More Examples

This excerpt supplies the expression in a play on words. Here, they literally space talking about turkeys.

The 2nd excerpt is indigenous an article about a new bar that closed as result of a dispute.

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The phrase let’s speak turkey means let’s discuss the useful details of other (often a organization deal).