The hatchet (Symbol)

The term is the object that provides the novel that title, so the is the most important symbol in the text. Because that Brian, the ax symbolizes numerous things. That symbolizes hope, because he deserve to use that to store himself alive until he is rescued. Since it came from his mother, that is representative that the household he has actually left behind. The ax is additionally the only continuous in his entire adventure: as points in the woodland keep an altering quickly, the hatchet is the one thing he has actually by his side the whole time.

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The plane (Symbol)

The crashed plane"s duty as a price is more an overwhelming to discern than that the the hatchet, but it is still an essential focal suggest in the story. In many ways, the aircraft represents death: the crashed and brought Brian to what can eventually it is in his death, and it has the human body of the dead pilot. But in various other ways, the plane gives Brian life, due to the fact that he is may be to find the survive kit within of it.

The Rifle (Symbol)

At the finish of the novel, Brian pulls a rifle the end of the survival pack that he has retrieved from the plane. This rifle is a symbol of the destructive, manmade, synthetic world outside of the forest, representative the the intrusive method that humans often push us onto nature quite than try to recognize the circulation of it. Brian does not choose the feeling that this gun offers him, so he chooses to placed it aside.

Dreams (Motif)

Dreams function as a significant motif in this novel. Complying with the crash, Brian security a lot of time unconscious or asleep, attempting come recover. Together such, he desires often, and these dreams usually offer a unique purpose. Sometimes, he dreams of his mother"s affair: the mystery that has taunted him for so long. Other times, though, the dreams about things that aid him come survive, especially the dream about his father and also Terry showing him just how to do a fire.

Animals (Symbol)

The various animals that Brian meet in the woodland are important symbols that nature, and also their serene acceptance that Brian"s existence is a note of his integration v the organic world. At an early stage in the novel the be afflicted with eats berries alongside of Brian, and also then later in the novel Brian and a load of wolf exchange a nod of respect.

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