Like Jonas, that is a young human being with the wisdom of anold person, the Giver is a little of a paradox. He looks ancient, buthe is not old in ~ all. Favor someone who has seen and done plenty of thingsover plenty of years, that is an extremely wise and also world-weary, and also he is hauntedby memories of suffering and also pain, but in truth his life has actually beensurprisingly uneventful. In the civilization of the community, the Giverhas spent most of his life within his comfortable life quarters,eating his meals and emerging sometimes to take long walks. Yethe dead the memory of an entire community, for this reason he feeling likea guy who has done much more in his life than anyone else in the world:he has experienced the hopeful and negative emotions, desires,triumphs, and also failures of numerous men and women, as well asanimals. That is responsible for keeping those memories and also usingthe wisdom they offer him to make decisions because that the community. Anyonewould feeling weighted down by this substantial responsibility, and because theGiver is forbidden come share his knowledge and pain v anyone else,including his spouse and also his children, the weight is much more difficultto bear. Thus, the Giver has end up being an exceptionally patient, quiet,deliberate person, cultivation resigned come the reality that he cannot changethe community even despite he realizes the it needs to it is in changed.He endures his loneliness and also frustration and also the increasingphysical pain that the memories carry him v a quiet calm thatmakes that a fairly stoic figure. His patience, wisdom, and also restraintmake him terrific teacher and also mentor.

However, the memories the the Giver carries inside himare too an effective for him to be totally stoic: that still feel strongemotions, and also under the best circumstances castle surge to the surface.Among the members the the community, the Giver alone is capable ofreal love, one emotion that experiences with Rosemary, the first childwho was designated to be the Receiver. Years of loneliness, isolation,and unshared emotion do the Giver’s love for Rosemary intense,even by the requirements of the time prior to Sameness, and also when sheis taken indigenous him, his anger and also grief space equally intense. That isthis anger and also grief, fueled by the Giver’s farming love because that Jonasand Jonas’s own youthful energy, that permit the Giver to finallyoverturn his year of silence and also endurance and change the community.The decision is likewise influenced by the Giver’s aptitude as a teacherand advisor: the is natural for that to want to aid the communitylearn to manage the memories, together he has helped Rosemary and Jonas.

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